The 5 Best Luxury Hotels in Austin


January 12, 2024

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Austin, Texas is no longer a well-kept secret so the best luxury hotels are popping up left and right. This city is renowned for its vibrant culture, live music scene, and eclectic atmosphere.

It definitely has a vibe of its own, and whether you’re a luxury traveler seeking 5-star all the way or a local in search of an indulgent staycation in nature, Austin’s luxury hotel game is also eclectic, and there’s truly something for everyone.

Here are five of our favorite luxury hotels in Austin both downtown and outside of the city…

The Austin Proper Hotel

Nestled in the heart of Austin’s vibrant Second Street District, the Austin Proper Hotel stands as a testament to modern luxury and sophisticated design. With its unique blend of urban chic and rustic modern elegance, this boutique hotel offers an unparalleled experience for travelers seeking a taste of Austin’s dynamic energy. From its thoughtfully designed rooms to its culinary delights, the Austin Proper Hotel invites guests into a world where style and comfort converge. It’s also, a true feast for the eyes.

Contemporary Design and Architecture:

When you walk into The Austin Proper Hotel, you’re immediately struck by the design. Simply put: it will knock your socks off and be unlike other hotels you’ve experienced. Every inch of the hotel has been thoughtfully designed and renowned architect Kelly Wearstler has curated a space that combines bold patterns, rich textures, and modern furnishings, creating an atmosphere that feels both avant-garde and welcoming. Real truth: You’d never think that all of the patterns and textures would actually go together, but somehow they do! The hotel’s architecture reflects Austin’s commitment to innovation while maintaining a connection to the local culture.

Luxurious Accommodations:

Guests at the Austin Proper Hotel can expect luxurious accommodations that redefine the concept of a boutique stay. The rooms and suites are designed with meticulous attention to detail, featuring custom furnishings, locally sourced artwork, and panoramic views of the city. The interiors reflect a modern sensibility while incorporating elements that pay homage to Austin’s creative spirit. They are minimalist in terms of the furniture but the design remains over the top.

Creative Restaurants:

One of our favorites is the The Peacock Mediterranean Grill, which is a fusion of Mediterranean-inspired dishes with a Texas twist.

Check out the chia bowl! It’s divine.

As one of the best luxury hotels in Austin, this property also boasts a lush rooftop restaurant that feels more like a retreat called La Piscina. There’s a rooftop pool, surrounded by verdant greenery and stylish lounging areas, provides a serene escape with stunning views of the downtown skyline. The rooftop lounge is the perfect spot for guests to unwind with crafted cocktails and shareable bites, all while soaking in the vibrant energy of Austin.

Not the Best Spa Experience:

Although the staff is highly trained, and we thoroughly enjoyed our massage, if you’re looking for a “proper” spa experience, this isn’t it. The spa is incredibly small and consists of the bathroom and a small waiting room. You can use the pool, but it’s in a separate area. If you just want to pop in and out and get one or two services, this could work for you. But it’s definitely not a traditional day spa.

Host an Event:

One of the best-kept secrets is the Peacock Room that can hold up to 12-14 guests. It’s cost-effective and can be booked out throughout the day or into the evening. You can even rent out the patio area off of the room for additional space, a change of scenery for your guests or a champagne reception.

The Four Seasons Hotel

Prime Waterfront Location:

In our opinion, the best thing about this hotel is its location. Overlooking Lady Bird Lake, the Four Seasons Hotel Austin is where you can get the city vibe combined with an early morning walk along the path that runs along the lake. The back of the hotel is serene in its vibe and has the most gorgeous landscaping and old classically Austin trees.

More Corporate and Contemporary Design:

Although the location of this hotel is hard to beat, it’s not the prettiest hotel in Austin in terms of the building itself. It’s one of the more corporate/contemporary Four Seasons properties. If you’re looking for something that feels more unique or elegant in Austin, this isn’t it.

This hotel is gorgeous during the holiday season. It’s definitely worth a visit to see its Christmas lights, cabanas turned into the perfect après-ski location complete with s’mores and Christmas trees galore. Plus, the pool is also transformed into a skating rink!

Exceptional Dining:

The hotel is home to the acclaimed Ciclo restaurant, where guests can savor a farm-to-table dining experience showcasing locally sourced ingredients. The Lobby Lounge provides a relaxed setting for cocktails and light bites, while the Pool Cabana Bar offers a refreshing retreat by the water. Note: This hotel is not cheap. It’s one of the priciest food-options in town. If you sit outside and enjoy the ambiance it’s worth it.

Relaxation and Wellness:

Guests seeking relaxation and rejuvenation can indulge in the Four Seasons’ award-winning spa and fitness facilities. The spa offers a range of therapeutic treatments, and the outdoor pool provides a tranquil oasis with cabanas and a hot tub.

Unparalleled Customer Service:

At the heart of the Four Seasons Hotel Austin experience is, of course, its commitment to impeccable service. The staff, known for their warm hospitality and attention to detail, ensure that every guest’s needs are not just met but exceeded. Whether it’s arranging personalized experiences or providing insider tips on exploring Austin, the service at the Four Seasons reflects the highest standards of luxury.

Miraval Austin Resort

If you’re looking for a haven where luxury meets wellness (think Goop meets Austin) this is it! Miraval Resort is perfect for some time on your own, a girls’ spa day or a little romance with your partner. It blends rejuvenating experiences with natural beauty and nourishing food.

Holistic Wellness:

Miraval is renowned for its holistic approach to wellness, focusing on the integration of mind, body, and spirit. Guests can partake in a variety of wellness programs, including yoga, meditation, fitness classes, and spa treatments designed to promote relaxation, self-discovery, and overall well-being. They have things like manifesting meditations, chakra bowl meditations, hikes, yoga classes and more! Even if you don’t want to partake in the classes, you can do some serious soul-searching and journaling on your own whether laying in one of their hammocks or sitting at their restaurant overlooking the gorgeous landscape.

World-Class Spa in Austin:

Miraval resorts are known for their world-class spas, and Miraval Austin is likely no exception. The spa offers the largest range of therapeutic treatments, bodywork, and wellness services that we’ve ever seen. They pair Eastern with Western services and have a gorgeous shop filled with crystals that you can browse while waiting for your services.

Nourishing Cousine:

Whether you have a day pass or you’re a guest of the resort, you get access to some incredible food. You can order from the menu or indulge in their cafe where you can get complimentary smoothies, juices, sandwiches and other finger foods. It’s obvious that Miraval’s culinary philosophy emphasizes mindful eating and nourishment, and that they often incorporate locally sourced ingredients. You won’t go hungry here! In fact, you’ll want to take some of the food with you (which we did!).

Beautiful Guest Rooms (But Don’t Spend the Night):

Although the guest rooms are gorgeous, and we love the serene color pallet, the beds are incredibly uncomfortable. (Yes, this may considered personal preference but we’ve heard this from many of the guests as well as verified this ourselves!) It’s a shame because Miraval ticks so many other boxes. We’re hoping that they sort this out soon.

The Omni Hotel Barton Creek

Nestled amidst the rolling hills, lush landscapes and over 4,000 acres of picturesque Hill Country, the Omni Barton Creek Resort & Spa stands as a premier destination that seamlessly blends luxury, natural beauty, and world-class amenities. And it’s our favorite spa in town within the best luxury hotels in Austin.

World-Class Golf:

Golf enthusiasts are in for a treat at the Omni Barton Creek, which features four championship golf courses designed by renowned architects. The courses, characterized by their challenging layouts and scenic beauty, provide an exceptional golfing experience amidst the stunning backdrop of the Texas Hill Country. Golfers can enjoy a round of play while taking in panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes.

Luxurious Accommodations: The Omni Barton Creek Resort & Spa offers a range of luxurious accommodations, from well-appointed guest rooms to spacious suites. Each room is designed with comfort and sophistication in mind, featuring modern amenities and private balconies or patios that showcase the resort’s natural beauty. Guests can immerse themselves in a world of opulence while enjoying the serenity of the Hill Country.

The Best Luxury Spa:

For ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation, the Mokara Spa at Omni Barton Creek is a haven of tranquility. The spa offers a comprehensive range of treatments, from massages to facials, all designed to pamper and revitalize the body and mind. Guests can unwind in the spa’s serene environment and take advantage of its state-of-the-art facilities.

Endless Dining Options:

The Omni Barton Creek Resort & Spa takes pride in its diverse dining options. We love the coffee shop as well as which overlooks the gorgeous grounds. There’s also fine dining at Bob’s Steak & Chop House to casual fare at the Texas Spice restaurant, the resort caters to a variety of tastes, ensuring that every dining experience is a memorable one.

This is a great location for an event. There are tons of unique ballrooms and event spaces, competitive rates for attendees and tons of options for food so your guests can stay on property.

The Commodore Perry Estate

Another one of the best luxury hotels in Austin is the Commodore Perry Estate by the Auberge group. As it says on the website, this estate is a “treasured Austin landmark, re-envisioned with modern glamour”. It feels “as if you’ve arrived in the stately European country home of an old family friend, situated within an intimate, walled oasis in the heart of Austin”. We love this property for its glamorous yet approachable feel. And dare we say it? You don’t actually feel like you’re in Austin.

Beauty Around Every Corner (and Fireplaces!)

We love the feel of this property. The muted colors give it a soft yet elegant vibe. There are surprising touches like Zebra heads on the walls, striped white and yellow pool furniture and stunning old worldly lighting.

Unique Guest Rooms

This estate has the most gorgeous and eclectic guest rooms – one is prettier than the next. From canopy beds, wallpapered ceilings, and green velvet chairs, you can’t go wrong. We also love the use of bar carts for hotel amenities.

The Perfect Space for a Glam Event

As you can see, for events there’s also tons of potential. The grounds are gorgeous for bigger events but intimate dinners are our favorite! The only drawback is that this hotel isn’t walkable and there’s nothing of note around it, so your guests will have to stay on property.

So there you have it! Our top 5 best luxury hotels in Austin. If we had to choose, we’d pick where to spend the night outside the city, we’d go with the Omni Barton Creek because it has everything you want – spa, food, spacious hotel rooms. Within the city, we’d have to rank Austin Proper as our favorite.

P.S. Want to know more about Austin and why our Founder moved here? Check out this episode of the podcast.

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