5 Top Books to Read to Kick Off Your Year

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January 17, 2024

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Recently our Founder, Emily Williams has been talking about the top books to read to kick off her year. Specifically, she’s committed to reading 10 minutes every day. (Yes, you can find ten minutes a day!)

She’s already seen the shifts, so we wanted to provide you with some suggestions for what to read starting this year to elevate every area of your life….

Dramatically Grow Your Business

10x is Easier Than 2x by Dan Sullivan and Dr. Benjamin Hardy is a must-read for you if you’re a business owner. This book is a step-by-step guide to letting go of what you no longer need to do, be or have in your life. (We’re talking letting go of 80% of it!) And then focusing on the 20% that’s actually getting results. We love the real-life examples and relatable stories in this book from Dan Sullivan’s clients and some influential superstars like Jim Carrey and Lebron James. Seriously, run to get this book. (Want more business or career inspiration? Listen to this episode.)

Transform Your Mindset and Become Magnetic to What You Want

The Power by Rhonda Byrne is a self-help and spiritual guide that builds on the principles introduced in her earlier work, The Secret. In this book, Byrne explores the concept of the universal force called “The Power”. She says it is the key to unlocking and transforming your life. Byrne actually spent ten years doing the research for this book, working with top mentors and interviewing spiritual guides. Drawing on a combination of ancient wisdom, spiritual teachings, and personal anecdotes, The Power encourages readers to tap into the energy of love and positivity to manifest their desires. The book emphasizes the importance of gratitude, positive thinking, and the law of attraction as tools to unleash your potential. That may sound simple (and it actually is). However, it truly will give you the power to take the reins of your life and attract your dreams.

Get Inspired to Go for Your Dreams

Whether you’re dreaming of starting your own business, getting ahead in your career, or just experiencing more joy, adventure and fulfillment in your life, I Heart My Life by Emily Williams will catapult you toward your greatest desires. It’s is a guide for living life in a different way to everyone else. The book is all about going for your desires. It’s also about no longer letting doubt, shame, insecurity or other people’s judgment stop you from moving forward with that “something big” you know you’re meant for. It brings together mindset, money beliefs, success principles, and vulnerability. Plus, real-life stories of women who have made their career and life dreams come true.

Deepen Your Faith in Yourself and Life

Rise Sister Rise is a spiritual and empowering book written by Rebecca Campbell. Released in 2016, this transformative work is aimed at women seeking a deeper connection with their inner selves. It also talks about having a greater understanding of their unique feminine power. Campbell draws inspiration from various spiritual traditions, ancient wisdom, and personal experiences to guide readers on a journey of self-discovery and self-empowerment.

The book encourages women to embrace their authenticity, intuition, and innate wisdom. It also urges them to rise above societal expectations and limitations. With a blend of mystical insights and practical advice, it inspires women to reclaim their power, live authentically, and contribute positively to the collective awakening of feminine consciousness.

Quit What Doesn’t Serve You

In Quit: The Power of Knowing When to Walk Away, former poker-playing champion Annie Duke explores the power of knowing when to quit. She discusses how that’s key for anyone who wants to create a more aligned and successful life. As the title suggests, it may feel counter-intuitive to think of quitting helping you succeed. However, it’s powerful to realize when it’s time to let something go so you can focus on something else. We all need to learn how to be better quitters!

So there you have it! Five books to dive into at the start of this year.

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