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The One Question You Should Be Asking Yourself During This Pandemic

The truth is, this week has been challenging.One of the most difficult things for me personally, is not being able to plan things in the future. Experiences like our events and retreats, a trip I was going to take with my family, brunches with friends or weekends away with James.If you’re anything like me, I’ve […]

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Meet Our IHML Head of Operations with Megan Hansell Henderson

Attention Entrepreneurs: You’re not in this alone! Today I’ve brought my brand new (been with us for several months) Director of Operations, Megan Hansell Henderson, on to discuss what it means to accept help in your journey. Megan went from professional, to stay at home mom, to work at home mom because her fulfillment comes […]

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Redefining the Website Template and Making Design Easy with Jen Olmstead

Jen Olmstead is the cofounder of Tonic Site Shop, a company that has redefined the website template. She is sharing her top three website design tips that will make you stand out from the crowd. We also learn how having children helped her become hyper-focused with limited time to get work done. “Your website is […]

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That time when no one bought my $250 course

I hosted my first in-person workshop in July 2014. Guess how many people attended… 20? 30? 10? Nope…6! The workshop was held in a tiny Lululemon pop-up shop in London. (This was before Lululemon had officially been brought over from America to the UK, and they were just testing it. It was literally the size […]

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This Business Could Have Killed Me (Meet the Secret Weapon Who Changed It All)

This business could have killed me. There were days when I couldn’t even look at my phone because my eyes were so strained from hours staring at the computer. There were moments when I felt pains under my chest when I took a breath in and out. My calves constantly hurt. I had anxiety which […]

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I can’t believe I waited so long

I was recently talking to one of my team members about our current funnels and what happens when a cold lead comes into our email sequence. (If it sounds like I’m speaking a different language right now, I’m referring to collecting names and emails and then marketing to those people via email.) And she mentioned […]

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Books, podcasts and updates galore

“Strong” is one of the words that really resonates with me this year. In fact, it’s a theme in many areas of my life… Strong in fitness… Strong in business… Strong in my relationships (especially my relationship with myself)… Strong as a thought leader and coach… One of my other themes for this year is […]

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8 lessons I learned from completely changing our business

Recently, I was thinking about our transition from one year to the next as female entrepreneurs. I don’t know about you, but this year has been all about growth and frankly, it’s been painful growth at times. Whether you know it or not, our entire business has changed. We’re phasing out all of our live programs except […]

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What I’ve learned from the IHML Show + going on hiatus

In case you missed it (somehow!) I’ve had the honor of recording and sharing 33 episodes of the IHML Show with you over the past eight months. It’s been such an incredible experience — one I almost missed… When I was approached to do the IHML Show in association with the America Out Loud Network […]

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