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10 Ways to Know If You Have Money Blocks


October 31, 2023

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Welcome to another episode of the I Heart My Life Show! In today’s episode, we are diving into a topic that is near and dear to our hearts – money blocks and money mindset. 

Many of us may not even realize that our internal beliefs about money are holding us back from reaching our financial goals and success. We often find ourselves stuck at the same financial level, despite making money. But fear not, because we’re here to help you identify and overcome these money blocks. 

In this episode, we will explore ten different ways to know if you have money blocks. These are super common and thought processes I see in tons of my clients.

From not making the money you want, to being negative about money, to surrounding yourself with people who are stuck in lack, we will help you uncover the signs of money blocks in your life. 

But we won’t leave you hanging – we will also share practical strategies and mindset shifts to help you overcome these blocks. 

Shifting your mindset and expanding your capacity to receive are key to unlocking your financial potential. 

So, get ready to free yourself from the limitations of your money mindset and step into a new level of abundance. Let’s dive in!


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“Sometimes it’s as easy as shifting your mindset or getting the support in that area to expand your capacity to receive.”

“Your current financial reality is not an indication of what’s possible for you and meant for you. What you desire is what’s possible and meant for you.”

“We all have a wealth thermostat or the capacity to receive a certain amount of money, and then we reach that. And it’s hard for us to go to the next level.”

“Start to observe your thoughts and the words that you’re using around money on a daily basis.”

“Are you negative when it comes to money? Are there things and thoughts that are running through your mind on a regular basis that are really down in the dumps?”

6. “One of the fastest ways to get yourself into a next level of wealth and abundance is to surround yourself by people who are at that next level.”

“Start to be the observer and see if you have a positive relationship with your bank account. Adopt a mantra as you look in your bank account to transform your mindset.”

“It’s safe for you to have a new belief about money, to go in a different direction.”

“You can choose to spend less time with people who bring you down or have different beliefs about money.”

“I know that more and more is coming to me every single day. I see what’s in this account, and I expect more and more and more every single day.”



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