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How a Former Lawyer Built a $500k Coaching Business in 5 Years with Anna Powers


April 23, 2020

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What do you do when you finally reach the point of attaining your life’s goal and realize you no longer want it? You shift. You pivot. You find that thing you were really meant to do. For Anna Powers that meant leaving behind a law career to focus on business coaching and copywriting.

But her journey wasn’t all that cut and dried. After completing law school and landing her first job as an attorney, she knew that law was not for her. She sought out a career coach who recommended becoming a health and wellness coach for others.

“Honestly, I personally think it’s much better and more effective to work with someone who is a few steps ahead of you rather than fifteen or twenty steps ahead of you.”

-Anna Powers

Anna invested thousands into her business to learn how to build a website, create email sequences, and perfect funnels, but still hadn’t found the fulfillment, or money, that she was looking for. 

It was around that time that she found me and started working through some of my programs. After shifting her mindset and focusing on what success means to her, she found the path that she was destined to follow. 

Listen in as we chat about her journey and how her faith and intuition, or “God-nods,” have helped to propel her forward in her business… even when she had no clue what that would mean. 

Anna shares so many amazing bits of advice and actionable tips on how you can build your business on the side of your 9 to 5 and the best ways to do it. 

If you’ve been second guessing starting your business or wondering if now is the time to move full-time into your business, then you won’t want to miss this inspiring conversation.  

In this Episode: 

[01:00] If you’ve been wondering whether moving forward in your own business is the right next step, then you’ll want to hear this conversation.

[03:09] Where did Anna’s story begin? 

[06:12] What felt off about law and health coaching for Anna? 

[08:35] When did Anna start working with Emily and how did it change her business? 

[13:43] Why it’s much better and more effective to work with someone who is only a few steps ahead of you. 

[15:00] Anna shares what changed for her and her business after London. 

[17:30] How did Anna have to shift her mindset to receive more money in her business? 

[25:31] What does it take to pivot away from one service to another? 

[29:35] Your 9 to 5 can and should be the biggest investment in your business… learn why!

[36:22] Empower yourself to recognize the signs directing you to make a big change.

[38:04] What has been the most fulfilling thing Anna has done in the past few years.

[46:11] How did investing in one on one coaching change her money flow? 

[49:57] Anna shares what’s next for her and her business. 

[53:40] What would Anna tell her younger self? 

[57:00] Learn one way Anna would encourage you to build a life better than your dreams. 

[59:08] Connect with Anna.

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“What you’re saying is we all have these gifts and we all have these skills that we can utilize and from my perspective, we just need to be that step or two or five ahead of our ideal client. It’s not like we need to be light years ahead of them.” – Emily Williams

“Honestly, I personally think it’s much better and more effective to work with someone who is a few steps ahead of you rather than fifteen or twenty steps ahead of you.” – Anna Powers

“When you see yourself as a success, you project that energy and other people see you as you see yourself. If you believe that you are a failure you are going to actually carry that energy and people will not have that confidence to invest and work with you.” – Anna Powers



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