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How to Become the One For Yourself and Transform Your Life with Zeina Marrush


July 2, 2020

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Are your breakups affecting every area of your life? This was true for Zeina Marrush until she realized that the person she needed to focus on was herself. She is now an intuitive heart-break healer helping passionate women move through and beyond their pain to find closure. 

If it weren’t for her own painful experiences in the ways of the heart she never would have found her passion. Zeina truly believes that everything she has been through has brought her to where she is today and she practices gratitude around her past. 

“I love empowering women to have those uncomfortable conversations because change… freedom… is through that uncomfortable conversation.”

-Zeina Marrush

The work you do with your mindset, money mindset, and personal growth is integral to your professional and entrepreneurial growth. Even as recently as a few months ago Zeina realized that one of her own money blocks centered around a break up that she thought she’d healed from. Instead, there was a money-related trauma that she hadn’t confronted, which only supports her belief that the work is never done.

Listen in as Zeina shares her journey, her past, and what brought her to where she is today. Take note of her advice to speak up and use the voice you were given. Women have the power to use their voice to affect change. Do you believe that? 

In this Episode: 

[02:12] Welcome Zeina to the show and hear why she decided to pull the trigger and work with I Heart My Life.

[04:26] When did she learn to follow her heart and make decisions in faith? 

[10:13] What has her process been like as she has found clarity in her journey? 

[14:12] How heartbreak was a key factor in finding her place business. 

[15:10] Why it is so powerful and important that women speak up. 

[18:50] You need to value yourself more than the opportunity. 

[20:29] What has Zeina had to work through and learn about entrepreneurship?

[22:44] Learn more about the money blocks Zeina has had to uncover and overcome. 

[27:22] Investing in your own coaching and your own growth is imperative to success. 

[30:10] Did she experience any big breakthroughs at the live event in January? 

[34:28] What is one way that you can create a life better than your dreams? 

[34:49] Connect with Zeina.

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“I love empowering women to have those uncomfortable conversations because change… freedom… is through that uncomfortable conversation.” – Zeina Marrush

“It’s so important that we always have awareness and that we’re clear around what are these blocks coming up? What is this fear? What is this trauma? …and just stay in that curiosity instead of judgement so that we can move through it.” – Emily Williams



I started I Heart My Life from my kitchen table in a tiny London apartment in 2013.

After going through a 5-year quarter-life crisis, I discovered the world of personal development and the power of a gratitude journal and finally got clear on my true purpose in life: to help women fall in love with themselves and their lives. I Heart My Life has gone through many transformations over the years, but its mission has always remained the same: we exist to teach you how to create a life that you love.

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