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How to Stay True, Get Paid and Do Good in the World with Rha Goddess


May 6, 2022

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Have you ever felt jostled by the twists and turns of your journey, but securely grounded in your unwavering desire for true authenticity? Has the thought of inspiring people by the masses piqued your interest time and time again? And if so, do you struggle to obtain the clarity necessary to attract your soul-aligned audience, cultivate meaningful service, navigate collaborative dynamics, or something in between all that entrepreneurial chaos? I am sure this has you feeling all kinds of emotions, but there may be some enlightening truth hidden beneath their poignant surface.

“I think it starts with the awareness that you can change something and that you want to change something. I think for a lot of people it’s about running, you know, running away from what’s going on inside and what you really are supposed to deal with, you know? So, we flee or run away. How do we know what’s the best way to approach? It is really important to sit down with your emotions to heal things that were suppressed, you need to face them. And that’s the hardest part I would say.” – Rha Goddess

I’m elated to welcome the riveting and powerful Rha Goddess, a soulful coach and entrepreneurial QUEEN! In this episode of the I Heart My Life Show, Rha excavates the inner machinations of life purpose and what it really means to discover it. I gotta say, this woman truly blew me away with her grace and wisdom. You’ll want to hear what she has to say!

Rha reflects on her earliest memory of feeling purpose in childhood, watching healthcare professionals work miracles on family in front of her very eyes. She also recalls her tugging attraction to rockstars on TV and their ability to move people with their charismatic energy. It was the indescribable fascination with inspiring humanity that pulled this dichotomy together to evoke Rha’s ultimate dream: to help others be who they wanna be.

It’s no secret that being an entrepreneur, or navigating the career sphere in general, is an easy feat. It takes a profound amount of humility, awareness, accountability, even flexibility! After sharing her most vulnerable life moments, Rha gets real about what she did to not only realize her purpose but sustainably nourish it. Not only does she describe the skills and knowledge acquired in her business education, but Rha explains how the radical responsibility of nurturing the relationship with her whole self has bled into forms of creating and revolutionizing her work. 

Listen to Rha share her experiences with people (both in and out of her company) and discuss how investing in yourself is the first and foremost step to showing up for others. I absolutely love it when she also reflects on the navigation of human emotions, encouraging us to familiarize ourselves with our feelings to grasp our core values with certainty. And lucky for you, Rha doesn’t stop there- she shares the personal and professional inspirations for her book that’s made some majorly ground-breaking changes for so many!

This interview is meant to show you that when you work with people, you have to fully embody what it means to be human. And that requires a well-deserved amount of self-care and gentle reminders that we are innately multi-faceted individuals able to mold our visions to compliment elements in our detailed life pictures. 

For those of you struggling to decipher your life’s purpose, Rha is here to tell you “the difference between a life we love and a life we’re tolerating is permission.” And this episode is your sign that it’s time to break free, escape those confines, and allow yourself to illustrate a reality made to exhilarate your best self (and everybody you inspire)! 

Just remember that your business will innately grow and evolve, just like you. Believe me Lovely, that change is not a bad thing… but it’s crucial to always be who you wanna be!

In This Episode:

  • [0:04] The wonderful Rha Goddess shares brief insight on the reality of nonlinear journeys to success!
  • [5:01] How investing in HERSELF enabled Rha to commit to her business!
  • [7:43] Want clarity on your purpose? Rha describes how her work with others illuminated the center of her mission.
  • [9:15] The recent trendsetting tidal wave of authenticity and how it encouraged Rha to lean into guidance from her innermost values.
  • [11:42] Entrepreneurship ISN’T all about the money (it’s actually even bigger).
  • [12:52] Why mindset is the KEY to aligning with the process of your vision- and attracting opportunity along the way!
  • [14:39] Rha’s practices that keep her grounded, clear, and positive!
  • [20:05] Where the inspiration for your purpose has been hiding all this time…
  • [24:22] Listen to Rha’s enthralling perspective on the importance of emotions!
  • [26:50] The ups and downs Rha experienced in her company’s evolution (and the exercises she utilized to navigate her collaborative dynamics).
  • [30:08] Rha describes the transformational benefits of self-care and being malleable with your business endeavors.
  • [34:07] Hear all about Rha’s game-changing book The Calling (which is really more like an incredible workbook)!
  • [37:21] Listen to Rha’s advice on one way you can begin cultivating a life beyond your wildest dreams (the gift of permission to aspire).


“You know, it’s so funny because when I think about my journey, it’s never a straight line. I don’t, I don’t think [it is] for most of us, right. There’s lots of twists and turns and valleys and peaks.” – Rha Goddess

“It’s about helping people arrive in their most authentic selves in service to their higher purpose and calling.” – Rha Goddess

“It wasn’t about going to Harvard or Yale [for business school], but it was rather about being able to sit at the feet of other entrepreneurs who had built really successful businesses from dust and learning and absorbing everything I possibly could from them.” – Rha Goddess

“There’s a lot of conversation often about how we spend [as entrepreneurs] and what fiscal responsibility is and what it looks like. I think for me, anything that was about contributing to my education, in other words, anything that was enabling me to have skills or knowledge or tools or access or opportunities I saw as investments.” – Rha Goddess

“You are the best investment you can ever make. And I don’t think we hear that enough.” – Rha Goddess

“I felt like I’ve always known who I’ve wanted to serve because my history prior to starting my company was really in activism, on the front lines, working with really incredible, gifted and talented people who were struggling based upon systemic factors or personal trauma that they had gone through in their lives [and their families and the communities]. And so I felt really clear about the ‘who’. I think I started to get clear about the ‘what’ as I began to apply what I was learning and began to see the results.” – Rha Goddess

“You know, it isn’t just that we wanna succeed, it’s that we wanna succeed as ourselves. And I don’t also feel like that piece until very recently [was discussed].  We’ve talked a lot about authenticity, right? Not even five years ago we were not really on the authenticity train, this is relatively new.” – Rha Goddess

“So what does a performer look like? And you know, how do you think about expenses and what does a startup need to have in order to really have a strong foundation? I was in school, sort of informal business school while at the same time really trying to allow myself to be guided by my values.” – Rha Goddess

“Most entrepreneurs that I meet are not in it for the money. They’re doing what they’re doing because they’re passionate about the thing they wanna offer, the contribution that they wanna make, and the money facilitates it. It makes life easier, no question. It allows us to get the support that we need to deliver on the vision, but we’re always [in my experience] often fueled by something bigger. And I would say that certainly the most successful businesses, the businesses that have the most longevity and also the happiest and healthiest entrepreneurs are driven by things that they’re really, really passionate about.” – Rha Goddess

“I know that for me, I spent a significant amount of time establishing practices that enabled me to stay in a really positive place, to stay in an attracting place for the opportunities and resources and people that I wanted to attract to help me facilitate growing my vision.” – Rha Goddess

“I think the last 23 months of what we’ve all been through have caused us to really want to take a deeper cut at what it means to take care of ourselves.” – Rha Goddess

“And I believe it [our purpose] lives at the intersection of our values, our unique talents and the things that we care most about the things that we wanna affect in the world. We have an opportunity, and dare I say a responsibility, to create the room and the space to figure it out. Some of the questions I ask people when they are trying to find their purpose is ‘what is it that you really care about? What is really important to you?’” – Rha Goddess

“It’s often through our emotional experiences that we actually have the potential to get clarity about what matters and what’s really important to us. I share this because sometimes we get taught to suppress our emotions, that our emotions are not healthy, that they’re not useful. But I actually challenge that. I think that they contain phenomenal information, especially your anger.” – Rha Goddess

“We’re multifaceted, multi-spirited, and multi-talented. And I think the more that we can be in our full self expression, the more that we are actually fulfilled.” – Rha Goddess

“I wrote the book [The Calling] as a blueprint for people who are trying to find their purpose or people who have a sense that they have a purpose and a calling, but they have not given themselves the permission to pursue it.” – Rha Goddess

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