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How To Take Your Pleasure Seriously, With Mama Gena


May 3, 2022

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Does desire drive you to live authentically, or are you afraid of unleashing that power within? Has your conflicted want for visibility become the bane of your existence, driving you utterly mad with confusion and fear? What would be possible for you if you nurtured that divine feminine energy? You would not believe the positive change you can create for yourself (AND other women) by listening to your desires.

 “As women, we have so much self criticism that takes the place of our ownership of our feminine majesty and miraculousness. I was just kind of desperate to find a way to live the fullness of who I was as a woman.” – Mama Gena

I’m thrilled to have the riveting and wise Regena Thomashauer onto the IHML Show, also known as motherly media personality Mama Gena! I’ve been a fan of her work for some time now, implementing her own magnificent teachings and tricks into my own life! Her book Pussy: A Reclamation was an influential read of mine; it certainly has been for many other women! This bell-selling author navigates us through the monumental journey of feminine empowerment through pleasure, sexuality, and healthy doses of self-expression! 

Wouldn’t you agree that womankind’s best stories begin with difficulty? Mama Gena certainly likes to think so! She begins by bringing us back to her earliest times of struggle, and how her encounters with the ethereal feminine presence sparked a “delicious feeling” in her. This is the inspirational catalyst for Regena’s entire movement!

Through her own experiences, Regena evolves into an authentic advocate for the essence of womanly instinct: desire. Through fashion and friendship, she instills in us that we all possess a need to be seen for who we are. More importantly, how (and why) we shouldn’t feel guilty striving to do so! Regena also divulges the origin story of how she connected with her Mama Gena persona, providing the first steps WE can take to explore that similarly powerful version of ourselves!

This is the grounding for her entire educational vortex of thinking, being, and doing! 

Mama Gena teaches us that when women satiate their wants at every level, they uncover  legendary gifts. She excitedly rants to us that generosity is one of the infinite ways a woman can inspire the people around her (which I absolutely loved). However, it is our womanly responsibility to trust our energy so that we establish a safe, supportive space for other women to discover that same enlightenment! Absolutely incredible, isn’t it?!?!

I love how Regena tells us how she’s personally steered through belief systems in religion that shame or invalidate the nature of the divine feminine. As someone who grew up in a religious background, it was personally difficult for me to overcome negative criticisms of feminine desire. Gena advises us to enjoy the immortal spirit of earth’s feminine beauty as a way of connecting to our individual spirituality- and eradicate those feelings of shame!

This episode is to remind you that dressing up and stepping out is more than just a lively outing. Under the surface of womankind’s vibrantly alluring expressions, it’s really about embodying creative truth. But in order to get there, we have to dig deep through the wardrobe holding our innermost expressions and wear those pieces of us with unapologetic confidence!

For those of you out there struggling to begin that journey of divine empowerment, Mama Gena is here to prove to you that leaning into your innate self is the perfect guide to getting there. 

And more importantly, you are the leader of this amazing adventure- so navigate YOUR way!

In This Episode:

  • [0:05] The provocative Mama Gena admires the legendary narrative of womankind by revealing face-to-face encounters with adversity that inspired her feminine power!
  • [6:22] Mama Gena shares a story from her book Pussy about fully stepping into her authenticity- and how to hold that space for other women to do so as well.
  • [15:33] Hear Mama Gena dive deep into how women magically inspire the human desire through their own precious wants (and needs).
  • [17:50] Emily shares a beautiful, momentous quote made by Mama Gen herself!
  • [18:52] Regina responds by divulging into the first fundamental steps to tapping into our desires!
  • [23:55] Listen as Gena emphasizes how and why we should center our daily lives around our self-care!
  • [26:09] Gena shares her practices that not only honor her boundaries, but protects her pleasure and aliveness.
  • [31:16] Tune into what Mama has to say about women channeling, authenticating, and connecting to their real selves through experimental expression. 
  • [36:35] Mama Gena explains why it’s crucial women take their pleasure seriously to maximize its impact on their truth (and other people’s as well)!
  • [38:49] Gena explains her experiences with religion and how she navigates their belief systems surrounding sexuality, pleasure, and divine energy.
  • [42:55] How do women express their innate generosity? Mama Gena can count the ways!
  • [43:50] Mama Gean tells us how to begin living a life beyond our wildest dreams by allowing our deepest longings to illuminate our journey there!


“I would say all really good stories start with women. It starts with a rupture. You know, there is no really great tale of a woman becoming who she is in the world that doesn’t start with some kind of profound rupture or difficulty or challenge, like the best stories are made of that.” – Mama Gena

“I learned that the goddess lives in the periphery and I got hell bent on finding her.” – Mama Gena

 “As women, we have so much self criticism that takes the place of our ownership of our feminine majesty and miraculousness. I was just kind of desperate to find a way to live the fullness of who I was as a woman.” – Mama Gena

“It was through the discipline of pleasure that I encountered the divine feminine that I’d always been looking for, literally in my own reflection. It’s pleasure that allows me to see the goddess in me. [I was like] I’ve got to tell women about this because it’s the greatest, best kept secret of our generation!” – Mama Gen

“I wanna say to you dreamers out there: put together your dream team. Have people who see you, who believe in you, who stand for you because it makes all the difference in the world. When you falter and waiver, to have beloved friends say, “You got this kid, you can make this happen. This dream is not too big for you…” that makes all the difference in the world between a woman being able to stand for her truth and stand for her desires.” – Mama Gena

“There is no desire that is inconsequential. It is. It’s the way we hold hands with the goddess, how the goddess presents herself on this earth through our longings and [through our] desires. So there is no desire that is frivolous or unimportant. Every single one of your desires is so, so precious.” – Mama Gena

“When a woman is turned on she’s herself, meaning she’s more likely to say her truth, stand up for herself, speak, whatever her values contribute. And we [the world] require that like right now, the masculine and the feminine are really at an imbalance.” -Mama Gena

“[Generosity is] kinda the nature of women, right? When we find something wonderful, whether it’s a great movie or a great show on Netflix or a great recipe, or a great bath oil, the first thing we wanna do is tell all our girlfriends!” – Mama Gena

“By surrendering to your deepest longings and desires because your desires will take you places you could not even dream or imagine. And that is the key to really live an unimaginable life, to just tune in to what you most deeply long for. And you will have an ever unfolding, expanding adventure!” -Mama Gena

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