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How to Transform Your Life and Mindset (in One Minute) with Jay LaGuardia


February 18, 2021

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Are you ready for that personal transformation that will help you step into your dreams? That will help you as you navigate the early stages of building or growing a business doing what you love? The wait is over, Lovely. I am so excited to share with you the insight and wisdom of the amazing Dr. Jay LaGuardia, health and wellness extraordinaire! Honestly, this might just be one of my favorite episodes yet. You don’t want to miss it. 

“The world around us reflects us. If we don’t like the world around us, we have to change [ourselves] before the world around us can change. And the honest thing is we’re not really changing the external world. What we’re doing is changing our perception of the external world and therefore the world shows up differently.” -Jay LaGuardia 

Jay doesn’t hold anything back in this interview. He reveals how his traumas from his childhood reveal themselves in unpleasant ways in his adult life, nearly ruining his relationship with his wife and children and his business. He not only shares the moment he knew he needed to make a change but reveals the rather simple steps that he put in place to make that change.  The best part? It doesn’t have to be complicated. 

Jay has an incredible way of showing how making these shifts in your life can be rather easy for you to manage (after 30 years of doing it himself, he would know). He breaks down his advice in easy to manage pieces so you too can begin transforming your mindset, freeing yourself from the shackles of whatever thoughts and emotions are holding you back, and instead stepping into the vision of what you want and who you want to be. The steps he shares to help you unlock a total mindset (and life) transformation are ones that anyone (including you) can begin implementing in their own life right away. 

Listen as he shares his first experiences with meditation (and how it clarified the steps he needed to take to live a better life) and discusses how regaining control over his emotions bettered his personal and professional life.  Once he shifted his mindset, not only did his life at home improve, but his (already successful) business experienced a whole new level of growth. By telling his own story, Jay reveals five elements to strong leadership (and the mindset shifts it takes to implement them) that will help any business owner grow their team, foster trust, and improve company culture. 

But this episode is about more than being a leader in your business. It’s about being a leader in your own life. Perhaps my favorite part of this whole interview is when Jay shares the four steps behind one-minute mindset shifts. This is a quick, yet highly effective exercise that can help you align your mindset with your vision in one minute. You read that right. Four steps. One minute. Total change. You can literally start doing this exercise as soon as you finish this episode and be on your way to taking back your power in your life so you can start living the life you’ve always wanted. Oh, and he doesn’t stop there. He also shares his five keys to living a happy and successful life. 

This is the episode for anyone who is tired of being held back by their past, their emotions, or their mindset. So, if you are ready to step into the version of you that will allow your biggest dreams to become your reality, get ready to dive in, Lovely. 

In this episode… 

[02:08] Welcome, Dr. Jay! Follow along as he explains how his wellness journey began.

[07:06] Jay explains how his emotions were negatively impacting his life. 

[09:00] How meditation and visualization opened the door for change in Jay’s life. 

[17:10] Jay’s 5 top tips for leadership that can change your business.  (He talks responsibility, vulnerability, and trust). 

[19:37] Building your team? Follow these tips to ensure alignment. 

[22:47] Jay describes what it takes to commit to a personal transformation.  

[25:21] The three things Jay does every day to continue to commit to the transformation. 

[28:22] Jay talks about goal-setting (and the mistake a lot of people make when setting theirs). 

[30:50] There are three types of people in the world… 

[32:28] Learn how to do one-minute mindset shifts!

[37:18] Hear about Jay’s inspirational business! 

[43:06] Hear Jay’s advice for living a life that’s better than your dreams (5 keys to happiness and success). 


“The world around us reflects us. If we don’t like the world around us, we have to change [ourselves] before the world around us can change. And the honest thing is we’re not really changing the external world. What we’re doing is changing our perception of the external world and therefore the world shows up differently.” -Jay LaGuardia 

“Success is not about just meditating at the top of a mountain. You actually have to take the action.” -Emily Williams 

“When we shift our mindset from adversity to opportunity to solve problems, it completely changes the way we do business [and] the way we look at things.” -Jay LaGuardia

“Take care of your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing, because you are an example to everyone around you. And when you show up your best, you inspire others to show up their best.” -Jay LaGuardia

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