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The Truth About Finding Worthiness, Happiness, and Success with James Williams


June 15, 2021

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How many times do you find yourself relying on other people or external factors to feel happiness, worth, or success? The truth is, my husband James recently pointed out that I can fall into the trap of doing that from time to time— I know I’m not alone. Many females (especially entrepreneurs) get too caught up in things out of their control. They let those things dictate their feelings of happiness and worth and use them to measure their success. 

“The moment I started progressing was the moment that I took responsibility for recognizing my worthiness for generating my happiness and for showing up with a successful attitude.” -James Williams  

What if I told you the key to changing this, the key to increasing genuine feelings of happiness and worthiness, lies in the present moment? (Hint: It does.) 

Highly driven people are often hyper-focused on the future, thinking of all they still need to do to achieve their future vision. The result? They forget to pay attention to the steps they can take to become that future version of themself. They make themselves wrong for the space between where they are and where they want to be. Or they find themselves held back by the past, using it as evidence as to why they can’t achieve their desires. Either way, they’re missing out on an imperative component of life, happiness, and success— the present moment. 

That’s why I’m so grateful to have James taking over this episode to teach you all about developing more presence. The truth is, feelings of happiness, worthiness, and success thrive in the present moment. Why? Because it’s where we are. It’s what we can control. 

When you’re more present, you can start generating feelings of worthiness because you can recognize how successful you are now. Then you can create more happiness. If you’re someone who easily gets stuck in the past or caught up in the future, the good news is it is possible to change that thought pattern.

Follow along in this episode as James takes you through his tips for being more present in your day-to-day life. You’ll want to take notes as he dives into the different facets of consciousness that significantly impact your progress, performance, and success. He shares numerous questions that you can ask yourself to help determine where you’re currently at and how you can continue to move forward with more consciousness and intentionality. He even walks you through a meditation practice that can help you feel more rooted in the present moment. 

This episode is all about being aware of yourself and your circle of control. As James points out, true progress can only come about once you take ownership of recognizing your worth and generating your happiness. The moment we give that control to external forces, we’re limiting our capacity for success and fulfillment. 

Remember, you are in control of your response to life. Once you recognize that, nothing gets to throw you off track. In turn, you can feel happier, more worthy, and ultimately more successful. If you’re ready to free yourself from the shackles of the past, take a step back from the overwhelming notion of the future, or simply take your happiness back into your own hands, be sure to press play on this one. 

In this episode… 

[05:22] The power of intrinsic motivation. 

[09:24] Why a lot of people don’t feel worthy or successful.

[11:25] The emotional pandemic and what happens when we’re not present. 

[13:34] Tips for being more present. 

[16:06] How to be more conscious of your thoughts, feelings, and energy. 

[21:00] Being conscious of your behaviors and others. 

[25:19] Are you conscious of the progress you are making? (Why you should be.) 

[28:45] The consciousness of the moment. 

[30:30] Being conscious of your intuition. 

[32:18] The importance of loving yourself. 

[36:50] James walks you through his practice for being more present. 


“The moment I started progressing was the moment that I took responsibility for recognizing my worthiness for generating my happiness and for showing up with a successful attitude.” -James Williams  

“When we’re not present, we’re not taking action in the one place that we can actually progress. If we’re stuck, we’re constantly thinking about what next, what next, what next? How are we ever going to register and be grateful for and feel worthy and accomplished for the things that we are achieving now? And if we’re constantly stuck in the past, how are we ever going to generate the courage to do those big, scary things that we really want in our future?” -James Williams 

“You must measure what’s working [and] what’s not working so that you can do more of what’s working and less of what’s not working. That’s how you progress your business. And it’s the same with the business of you.” -James Williams 

“The more problems you can find, the more solutions you have the opportunity to find. And the faster you will progress. So the perspective shift is [to] be excited to measure your progress. Be excited to figure out how many steps forward and how many steps back you’ve taken so that you can get information to take action on.” -James Williams  

“You are your number one client. That’s a contract for life because how well you serve that client— that inner you—  is a reflection of how well you can show up [and] how successful you will be.” -James Williams 

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