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Why Worrying Is A Waste of Time


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I went through a quarter-life crisis in my 20’s (which is one of the reasons why I decided to create IHML). I felt stuck, lost and depressed for a good few years, and throughout that time, there were oh so many worries traveling through my mind on a daily basis.

When I moved to London nearly four years ago, I quickly realized that I needed a bit of help in order to love my life again, so I hired a life coach named Alexis. After a few sessions of me crying and Alexis listening, she posed a question to me saying, “Emily, do you realize that most of our worries never actually happen and that you can choose not to listen to your thoughts?”.

To some of you, this might be information that you’ve always known, but for me, this was a serious “Aha!” moment that I still think about quite often. Sometimes, when I find myself going down another path of worry, I look back at all of my worries that truly, honestly and factually did NOT happen (despite the fact that I was convinced they most certainly would). Here are a few examples…

Past worries that never actually happened: 

1. That I’d never get into a good school.

2. That I’d never figure out what I wanted to do with my life.

3. That I’d never find true love.

4. That my grandparents wouldn’t live to meet my future husband.

5. That I wouldn’t make any friends in London.

6. That I’d never be able to start my own company.

7. That I’d never write a book.

8. That once I hit 25, I’d gain like 100 pounds and be completely undesirable.

In actuality, things have turned out BETTER than I ever thought they would, and I wish I could tell my 23-year-old self to stop worrying and wasting precious life minutes.

What about you? Does this resonate? Is there one worry that’s causing you a lot of pain and unnecessary stress even though it most likely won’t happen? Maybe you have quite a few worries at the moment. Is there something you can let go of today? I know you can do it!

And if you want some help along the way, just click here for your free clarity session!

PS: I’m getting a professional IHML video made this summer, but for now, you can find a bit more about my story here.

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