It’s Time To Drop The “Solo” In Solopreneur. Here’s Why…


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Since moving, I’ve been hitting the yoga studio regularly in addition to early-morning spinning classes. And I’ve come to realize that getting out of bed to workout at 6:30am doesn’t always feel so great, but once I’m in the studio surrounded by other people who also made the effort and decided not to hit that snooze button – that changes everything.

It’s amazing what a difference the energy of the people around us truly makes – not only when it comes to fitness, but life and business too. I know for me, when I’m surrounded by other people on a mission, it takes my own performance and drive to another level. And on the other hand, when I’m surrounded by Debbie Downers, I feel it too.

It’s been said that we’re the average of the five people we spend the most time with. (Jim Rohn) Now, whether that’s entirely accurate is up for debate, but I think there’s definitely some major truth to the fact that the people around us can really influence the goals we reach and the ones we let pass us by.

As an entrepreneur, I know how challenging it can be when you’re trying to chart your own path while surrounded by people who don’t really “get” you. Not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur, and those who aren’t often don’t understand why someone would want to take the big risk of going after what might seem to some like a wild and crazy pie-in-the-sky sort of dream.

Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely journey…

Perhaps you’re facing some naysayers in your life as you’re pondering the possibility of going after your dreams. Maybe your family and friends mean well, but they just can’t get on board with your “risky” entrepreneurial goals. If so, I want you to know that you’re not alone.

In fact, one thing I’ve realized along my journey as an entrepreneur is that the critics and naysayers can actually serve a purpose in our lives to some extent – for instance, constructive criticism can help you think through your options and see new perspectives. And staying your course despite what other people think can help you build your resilience.

But another thing I’ve learned is that it’s absolutely crucial to find a community of high-vibe people as you’re working toward your dreams.Some of us are lucky enough to find that kind of community in everyday life, but for others, it may come in the form of an online community – which can be just as powerful!

That’s actually one thing that really excites me about my business. I’m able to connect with other women in the coaching industry (often times online) who’re doing big things, and I gain so much inspiration from their journeys.

In fact, earlier this year I joined forces with several incredible ladies including Selena Soo and Kimra Luna when I hosted my NYC Mastermind, and it was truly extraordinary – the high-vibes were flowing and the energy was through the roof!

I also reconnected with two of my other colleagues who are also coaches in the industry and will be spending time with them again in California next month.

And another thing that so excites me about my biz is seeing the women in my group programs come together and form these incredibly close-knit, supportive and inspiring online communities where they help each other grow, learn and overcome challenges as they work towards the lives and businesses of their dreams.

Many of these ladies have shared that they had no one in their lives who really understood them and their goals until they became a part of the IHML community – and that having that support changed everything.

I love that. Few things make me happier than to see women going after their dreams and supporting each other along the way.

So if you’re feeling a bit alone today on your entrepreneurial path, let me be the one to remind you that your dreams and goals are worth the struggle of the journey. And that there’s a world of people out there just waiting to meet you and support you as you move in the direction of the life and biz you truly desire.

This week, put yourself out there, get visible on Facebook, join a group program, share your goals with your friends – do what it takes to get the support you’re craving, and of course, give that same support to someone else too.

You’ve got this!

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