Action Isn’t Your Problem, Alignment Is…


March 20, 2017

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I’ve always been someone with big dreams and ideas, and I know what it’s like to want to reach success like, yesterday. I feel like my mind is always on the move, coming up with new dreams and even bigger ambitions for myself. And since you’re reading this, I imagine you can probably relate!

Over the course of my journey as an entrepreneur, I’ve had to learn how to channel my focus and make sure that the things I’m working on and the ideas I’m pursuing are truly in alignment with my mission and my desires. That sometimes means reassessing where I am and refocusing on whether a certain project or idea best serves me and my clients at this point in my business.

It means making sure my actions are in alignment with my goals.

But that’s not necessarily something that came naturally at the beginning. I remember when I was getting started in my business a few years ago, there were so many things to learn and implement that sometimes it was challenging to know what was the most important thing to focus on.

And that’s something I’ve heard time and again from many of my clients – there are so many things that they want to do and accomplish, but instead of taking action they’re frozen in a place of overwhelm. But often, that freeze happens because their attention is spread out over too many things at once, rather than being focused in on the next best step.

What I’ve learned along my own journey that’s been key to getting unstuck and making progress is this: it’s asking, “is this idea or project in alignment with my mission and goals?”

(And if you’re not sure how to answer that, then it may be a good idea to step back and get clarity on what your mission and your goals are. Start there, and work your way up.)

As Brendon Burchard shared recently at his High Performance Academy (which I was able to send two of my team members to – a dream come true!): “You don’t have an action problem, you have an alignment problem.”

It’s not that you don’t know how to take action, or don’t want to take action – it’s just that the focus isn’t where it needs to be because your focus isn’t honed in on the things that are most aligned with what your goals are right now.

So lovely, how can you narrow your focus and get more in alignment? Brendon suggests asking yourself this: “What are the next five things I need to learn or implement that will help me move toward my goals?”.

Once you answer that, start focusing in on just those five things within a certain time frame (i.e. within the next month or the next three months, etc.) – nothing else!

Then, figure out the next set of things, and repeat the process.

This way, you’re gaining focus and continuing to move forward and learn what you need to learn in manageable chunks – so that you can move past overwhelm and feel like you’re operating from a place of alignment with the actions you’re taking toward your goals.

Believe me, lovely, as an overachiever myself, I know how exciting is to have a gazillion ideas that you want to bring to life…

But remember, you have time.

And I know from experience that when you get more focused and aligned with your true goals and mission, you’ll be able to bring those ideas out into the world when the time is right – at a time when it will best serve you, your clients, and your amazing business.

You have what it takes. I believe in you!

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