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Emily Williams

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Last week I was talking to one of my coaches, and he asked me this question: “If you could wake up and share anything with the world, what would it be?”

As the question was coming out of his mouth, I immediately knew my answer. “It would be that anything is possible.” I said.

It’s crazy to me how many of us still believe that we can’t do what we want to do. Or that the pesky voice inside our heads is still lying to us, telling us that the dream we’re dreaming of really isn’t for us – it’s for that other person. Or that place we want to live, it isn’t really where we’re meant to live – we have to stay put. Or that job or raise we want, we can’t get it – we should just wait.

Well lovely, I’m in the business of believing that anything is possible. And my desire for you is that you begin to know and truly believe that too.

I’ve seen it to be true in my own life and the lives of those I surround myself with. After all, when I started out I was struggling with a quarter life crisis and in massive debt, and now I’m running a 7-figure biz and living a life better than I’d even imagined!

I’ve seen what a difference it can make when we’re intentional about silencing that naysaying voice in our heads, and instead choosing to believe that the things we want are truly possible.

Another thing my coach told me is that he thinks one of the greatest reasons for human sadness is for potential to be unrealized and not be brought to fruition. I completely agree.

You’re capable of so much more than you know, and I’m in the business of helping you realize it and bring it to light.

So today, ask yourself – what do you want for your life? Heck, what do you want for your week? How are you holding yourself back? What are you longing for? What do you need to start believing is possible for you?

These ladies in this photo are proof that anything is possible! My friend Kimra Luna-Diggs went from barely scraping by on food stamps to 7-figure success and speaking internationally.

Another is the lovely Mel Wells, an English actress who went from hating her body and having a horrible relationship with food to finding peace and the courage to share her story – leading her to speak on the Hay House stage in London recently, publishing an incredible book and creating a movement called The Goddess Revolution – the possibilities are endless!

And of course there’s my amazing husband James Williams, who went from unfulfilled graphic designer at a TV network turned rockstar High Performance Coach, working with one of Oprah’s coaches Brendon Burchard and co-running a 7-figure business with me – see what I mean?

I can pretty much guarantee you that each and every person who steps out of their comfort zone and into something new to pursue their potential is scared at some point when they’re doing it. Everyone has fears and everyone has struggles with that negative voice telling them to just stay put…

But believe me, you can’t let that hold you back any longer if you want to reach your potential and see your big dreams come to life.

So, lovely, no more excuses. It’s time to start believing that anything is possible for you – because it is.

Believe in possibility and take action toward what you want. You have what it takes to get there.

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