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My Fitness Journey Part 2: Moving Through Resistance and Lack of Time with Lisa Bodenburg

Emily Williams

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Another 30 days down on my fitness journey and I’m baring it all. (Not literally though!) This part of the program has definitely been a bit harder than the first part and I started struggling with finding time to do everything. Lisa and I dig into the whole month and share my goals for the last part of the program. 

“Yeah, absolutely, grind. But that doesn’t mean that rest is not important. Sometimes the best thing for someone to lose weight… is rest.” -Lisa Bodenburg

So, I came out of the gates swinging going all in on this journey. I wanted to feel stronger, healthier, and have more energy and I was willing to put in the time and effort to make it happen. But then I started to plateau.

If you’ve ever been on any kind of a diet or exercise plan and felt the devastation that is the plateau, you know what I’m talking about. Thank goodness Lisa has a plan for when each of her clients inevitably reaches that point. 

For me the plan involved reintroducing clean carbs into my diet. Here’s the thing though. In my mind, all carbs equal the instigators of gaining weight. I have been programmed to think that carbs are the reason women gain weight and I had to overcome some mindset blocks of my own to start eating them again.

But there is a difference between clean carbs and dirty carbs and I’m glad I now know the difference. We also started introducing an indulgence meal and it was extremely eye-opening for me. I decided to have pizza and after I had it, I realized that it just wasn’t worth it. 

The pizza wasn’t satisfying and it didn’t sustain me the way I wanted it to. The soft, warm chocolate chip cookie however was 100% worth it. (Weird, right?)!

Listen in to hear all about how I have started finding time in my schedule to keep on working out and making sure that I stick with my nutrition. Exercise always seems to be the first thing to go for me, and Lisa shares why it should be exercise versus food. 

I’m so excited about my progress and I can’t wait to keep going!

In this Episode: 

[02:09] Welcome Lisa back to the I Heart My Life Show to chat about fitness and health. 

[03:32] Why do people start to plateau in their fitness and nutrition plans? 

[05:59] Lisa digs deeper into the nutrition piece of the plateau process. 

[08:54] How I felt when we re-introduced carbs into my diet after a plateau. 

[10:54] Why clean carbs are important to your overall diet. 

[11:52] How does Lisa know if someone needs to go down the carbs or fats route? 

[14:08] Learn why I don’t call indulgence meals “cheat” meals and how I feel about them now. 

[15:05] The science behind the foods our bodies crave. 

[19:29] What should the ratio of clean eating to indulgence eating should be? 

[22:45] How can you get back on track when life seems to take over? 

[25:48] What to do when you’re ready to get back to it.

[26:38] It’s important to reconnect with why you started. 

[28:04] Incremental goals make a huge transformation possible. 

[31:10] If you’re naturally negative you have to work harder to see the positive change. 

[32:57] Learn one of the things that has held me back from exercising in the past.

[36:09] Scheduling and organization are the keys to change.

[38:26] How realistic would it be for me to lose 8lbs in the next 30 days? 

[41:54] Client wins bring us both so much joy. 

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“Yeah, absolutely, grind. But that doesn’t mean that rest is not important. Sometimes the best thing for someone to lose weight… is rest.” – Lisa Bodenburg

“We have to self-validate along the way so that our mind knows we’re on the right path, this is actually working, we’re gonna keep going. Otherwise, if we wait until the end we’re going to lose motivation because we just haven’t gotten there yet.” – Emily Williams

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