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How One Client Manifested Her Dream Coaching Business and a Hollywood Movie Role with Florence Andrews

Emily Williams

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How many times do we let feelings of fear and overwhelm get in the way of stepping into our big dreams? While it may seem easier to give up or settle in the face of adversity, great things await on the other side. Remember, your dreams are not only meant for you, but they are possible. Take it from the lovely Florence Andrews. 

“It’s so important to trust that when we have those inner pulls towards something, it means something. Don’t throw it out. It’s not irrelevant. It’s not unrealistic. It’s not frivolous. It’s a sign that you’re meant to listen to. And you’re meant to heed, follow it and trust that it is trying to tell you where you’re meant to be. Don’t hold yourself back from that. It’s all meant for you.” -Florence Andrews

Florence is a talented actress and budding mindset coach who swears by her life-elevating experience in my signature I Heart Coaching program. Joining this program helped pave the way for Florence to grow and prosper with not just one but two big dreams of hers. 

So, I was excited to have Florence back on the show (you can catch my coaching session with her from her earlier days in the program here) to discuss how her life has transformed since beginning the program back in the early days of the pandemic. Since joining the program, she’s gone from unemployed and under-fulfilled to running a successful coaching business and snagging a role in her very first Hollywood film. Her transformation is truly inspirational, especially for anyone out struggling to put the pieces together to help make their dream come true. 

Follow along as we dive into the significant strides Florence has made over the past six months in both her coaching and acting careers. Listen as she explains how her two dreams intertwine and how pursuing her passion for coaching actually opened doors in her acting career. She shares everything from how she landed her first paying clients to how mindset work has helped her level up not just as a coach but also as a mom, partner, businesswoman, and actress. Florence is a spectacular example of the power in showing up for and maintaining unwavering faith in your big dreams. 

It wasn’t always smooth sailing, however. So, Florence reflects on the roadblocks she’s had to overcome to make her transformation possible. We discuss her journey with money mindset, including moving past her scarcity mindset and limiting beliefs regarding her finances instead of giving up her dream. There are so many valuable and eye-opening ah-ha moments in this episode that you can take and apply to your life. 

Truthfully, this is one of my favorite episodes yet because Florence’s story is a powerful example (and reminder) of what is possible for you, too, if you continue to hold the faith and take action in the direction of your dreams. 

P.S. Are you looking to experience a similar transformation? My signature I Heart Coaching program that helped Florence step into her space in the coaching world might just be what you’re looking for. Book a call with us today to learn if IHC is the right next step for you. 

In this episode… 

[02:27] Welcome, Florence! Listen as she shares the journey that got her to I Heart Coaching.

[08:43] Learn what finally pushed Florence to leap toward her dreams. 

[12:00] Florence’s journey with money mindset. How IHC helped her work through her fears.

[16:44] Moving through victim-based fears and keeping the faith to attract success. 

[19:45] Florence talks about landing her first *paying* clients. 

[22:46] Coaching has transformed Florence’s life, allowing her to pursue both of her big dreams. 

[26:20] The importance of showing up for and having faith in your big dreams. 

[29:40] Hear more about Florence’s coaching biz and what’s in store for the future. 

[34:18] Florence’s advice for living a life better than your dreams. 


“That’s how the universe works. It’s like, do you really want this? Are you in full trust that this is meant for you? And if so, you’ve got to hold the faith until the very last moment.” -Emily Williams 

“You have to hold the faith that your desires are meant for you and possible for you. That money is all around us. That it’s coming to us, and it’s attracted to us based on what we’re putting out into the world. We can either be that magnet, or we can repel it.“ -Emily Williams 

“I think it’s easy to think your [success] has to start from some grand funnel and this and that. I’m excited to start building a more consistent and automated side of [client building], but [your first clients] can come from just connecting with people on a one person at a time basis. Then you can go from there.” -Florence Andrews

“When you do this mindset work that is required for you to become a better coach and a better businesswoman, it requires you to just up-level as a person. It’s an inner shift that affects everything.” -Florence Andrews 

“It’s so important to trust that when we have those inner pulls towards something, it means something. Don’t throw it out. It’s not irrelevant. It’s not unrealistic. It’s not frivolous. It’s a sign that you’re meant to listen to. And you’re meant to heed, follow it and trust that it is trying to tell you where you’re meant to be. Don’t hold yourself back from that. It’s all meant for you.” -Florence Andrews

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