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It’s easy to feel like there’s not enough time in the day. So much to do, so little time, right? That’s why I’m sharing this episode all about my secrets to avoiding burnout by operating at highly efficient levels of physical and mental performance. The ultimate goal here is to help you understand the simple shifts you can start implementing in your life to become a high performer and achieve those goals you’ve had your eyes (and heart) set on. 

“I used to think that all of these [high-performance] items were just tasks that I should personally be doing, but then I realized that they were actually requirements to be successful, just like sending that email, jumping on Facebook Live, or recording the podcast.” -Emily Williams 

The truth is, if you want to be a high performer, you’re going to have to take your mental and physical well-being to a whole new level. Sure, the changes might not be easy, but they’re worth it. Trust me. I’ve been on my own journey toward high performance and, while there is still room for growth, I’ve already seen an incredible impact in my life and business. So, follow along as I share my top tips for getting started on your own journey toward high performance.

Listen as I dive into what being a high performer truly means and how it’s been a game-changer for me. It might surprise you to know that protecting your sleep is the most imperative element of high performance. It ties into everything else. Think about how much a good or bad night’s sleep impacts your entire day, from your energy levels and productivity to your ability to concentrate and make decisions. 

That’s why I spend the first half of this episode dedicated to the hows and whys behind protecting your sleep. I even share the tools I use to track my sleep, explaining why understanding your sleep is critical to achieving high performance. Then I dive into the importance of recovery, sharing effective ways to wind down at the end of each day. I even share why James and I ultimately removed the TV from our bedroom (and why you should avoid screens at bedtime too). 

I’m telling you, from exercise and nutrition to screen-time and stress, this episode covers it all. I’m not holding any secrets back. I even run you through my morning routine, giving insight into how I structure my workday for high performance and success (and how you can do the same). Less can be more, and you don’t have to work crazy hours to achieve your goals. From rearranging the apps on your phone to outsourcing parts of your business to help you remain focused and efficient, I want you to implement whatever shifts and strategies speak to you. 

I know that old habits die hard, but you have to remind yourself of your why. What is your ultimate goal? How is this habit going to help you get there? For the record, high-performance habits aren’t just for those looking to achieve big business goals. You can apply these tips to any goal you have. Looking to lose weight? Save money? These tips can help.

Even better? These high-performance habits begin with relatively simple shifts you can start making today. Remember, committing to these changes is a way of committing to yourself and your goals. If you keep that attitude, anything is possible. 

In this episode… 

[01:11] What high-performance means to me. 

[04:41] It all starts with protecting (and tracking) your sleep.

[09:19] The impact of screens on our sleep. 

[12:08] Tips for unwinding before bed. 

[14:16] Figuring out what works for you. (We’re all different). 

[16:18] The benefits of regular exercise (and how to make it a priority). 

[19:05] Learn the impact of what you put into your body. 

[21:44] Understand the role of mindset work in high-performance. 

[23:13] How I use my phone to destress. 

[25:08] Why I stop working at 6 pm each night. 

[27:00] When to be consistent vs. flexible. 


“Protect your sleep because truly that affects everything. It affects your mindset, your mood, and how quickly and efficiently your brain is working. It affects your relationships. It affects your fitness and your weight. It affects everything” -Emily Williams 

“A lot of our learning happens in the middle of the night when our body is resting. It’s like a reset. So we want to think about what we can do before bed to wind down and really decompress so that our mind can be turned off and go into that reset mode.” -Emily Williams 

“You’re not going to change unless the desire [for change] becomes greater than the fear or lack of that thing you feel like you’re giving up.” -Emily Williams 

“I used to think that all of these [high-performance] items were just tasks that I should personally be doing, but then I realized that they were actually requirements to be successful, just like sending that email, jumping on Facebook Live, or recording the podcast.” -Emily Williams 

“It’s not about the quantity or the hours that you’re working. It’s about the quality. What if you could get more done in less time? Well, you can if you protect your sleep and become a high performer.” -Emily Williams 

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