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Emily Williams

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We're a media, education and lifestyle company that supports you in elevating every area of your life. I started IHML in 2014 out of my own desire to love myself and my life. Welcome. We're glad you're here.
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I want to take a moment to remind you that when it comes to your life, you are in the driver’s seat. That means that when it comes to your dreams and desires, you get to decide how you are going to show up for them.

Yes, even when it feels like they are out of reach or that the odds are stacked against you. Yes, even when your brain comes up with all the reasons why you shouldn’t take the leap.

It’s a lot easier to give up or settle in the face of adversity. That doesn’t mean you aren’t capable of big things. That you can’t turn your big, bold dreams into a reality. 

Because you can. 

Take it from the lovely Florence Andrews. Florence is one of our inspiring I Heart Coaching members who, a mere six months ago, was an unemployed actress (due to the West End in London being shut down during the Pandemic) with a curiosity for coaching a passion for the arts. Fast forward to today, and she is thriving in her very own coaching business (paying clients and all) and filming scenes in Italy for her very first Hollywood film with Lady Gaga.

Talk about a transformation! 🙌

Since she’s joined I Heart Coaching, she’s gone from feeling financially and professionally stagnant to totally flourishing in both industries. Florence’s story is a great reminder that your dreams (yes, plural) can become your reality

It’s been such an honor to be part of Florence’s journey, and I know that there are valuable tidbits that you can take away from her journey. So, while I invite (and highly encourage) you to tune into my recent chat with Florence here, I wanted to give you a rundown of my favorite takeaways that you can apply to your life and dreams. 

Let’s get to it, shall we? 

✨ Move past your money mindset blocks.

Your brain loves to think of all of the reasons why investing in yourself and your business is irresponsible, risky, or selfish. Determine whatever that fear is and determine if the feelings are pointing toward expansion or restriction. If it’s the former, there’s a lot of excitement and possibility stored in there. 

Look at the physical cost of the program, course, or whatever investment. Does it outweigh the regret and cost of not investing in yourself and your dreams? If not, you have to put your faith in that gut feeling to show the universe you are ready to step into your dreams. Only then will you be able to open your arms to opportunity and abundance. 

✨ Don’t buy into victimhood for yourself (or your future clients). 

You have to handle your victim mentality like you would your clients’: remind yourself you can do whatever you desire. Your past and current situations are not an indication of what the future holds for you. You have to maintain faith in your dreams and what is possible. 

Take action and continue to show up. Your confidence will build as you continue to believe in yourself. Surround yourself with others who believe in you too. Then you will start to feel a powerful shift as you begin stepping into what is possible for you (and your future clients). 

✨ Start by building genuine connections. 

It’s easy to think of all the reasons to put off launching your first program and making that first ask, but as Florence reminds us, sometimes you have to start before you feel 100% ready. Start building those connections. Truthfully, you never know where they may lead. 

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to wait to have some gran funnel in place before you can get client leads. Show up on your social media. Ask questions. Reply to comments. Go live. Offer a free coaching session here and there when you’re trying something new. When you show up and connect with people in hopes of making a difference, they can feel it. You have to start by planting the seed. It can only grow from there. 

The bottom line is that you have to be dedicated to showing up for and having faith in your dreams. When you step up and commit to your dreams, your life will transform in more areas than one. You’ll feel it in your business, at home, and within yourself. As Florence has shown us, opportunities come knocking when we’re living our best lives. 

Remember, the energy and effort you put out into the world– the way you show up for yourself and your dreams– can either attract or repel your biggest desires. 

Which one is it going to be? 

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