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Have you ever felt like life was simply a never-ending hamster wheel of stress, a constant endless battle to balance everything thrown at you? It is a feeling many people experience, often we turn to practices of yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and more to focus on self-care, releasing stress, searching out ways of finding that inner peace. Stress plays a huge role in our lives, in every part of every day. Many of life’s decisions, big and small, can be stress-driven. Often this leads to a cycle of being addicted to stress. 

“…the biggest switch I made in 2015 was when one of my therapists said to me, ask yourself like a hundred times a day, what do I need in this very moment? So that really helped me to live more in the now.” – Neel van Lierop

Yes, stress can be addictive! Stress is so much more than being worried or overextended, it can significantly affect both mental and physical health. Put simply, stress is the way our body responds to demands, positive and negative. Our body’s stress response also can make us feel good. This can lead to a cycle of taking on more and more stress, resulting in that feeling of being trapped on the hamster wheel with no way of breaking free.

It takes great internal strength to overcome stress, and everyone does so in different ways. One self-development method that has become increasingly widely used is manifestation. Manifestation is the practice of embracing intentional, aspirational thoughts, and then making them a reality in one’s physical life. There are many different approaches and methods of manifestation, overall it is a process of opening up within, realizing one’s true self, and then embracing that untapped true potential. Manifestation has become popular in the mainstream over the last few years, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, however, it is not new, manifestation is based on ancient beliefs and philosophies of interconnectedness. 

This recent I Heart My Life Show episode presents an intimate conversation with Neel van Lierop, self-development expert, spiritual guru, and intuitive entrepreneur. She is the founder and author of the Inner Compass Cards, a self-development and manifestation tool used to help people connect with themselves. Neel shares a bit of her journey and inspiration behind the Inner Compass Cards as well as some of her thoughts on manifestation with our founder and host Emily Williams. Emily uses the Inner Compass Cards in both personal and professional capacity, including sharing them with clients. In this episode she connects with Neel, learning more about the inspiration behind the cards, and how Neel herself uses them. 

Neel shares how she overcame many personal obstacles to reach a place of living without stress controlling her life. She explains how her transformation from living in the “rat race”, stressed out, sick, unfulfilled, led her on a journey of personal healing and manifestation. That path in turn led her to develop the Inner Compass Cards and guidebooks, something she uses daily to continue living a life that is not mandated or ruled by stress. 

Based upon 49 life themes, these card decks are a growth tool, drawing from ancient schools of thought like Taoism, Mayan mythology, Buddhism, and the I Ching. The cards are intended and designed to offer people a path towards more intuitive, carefree living, building a deep connection with their inner selves. Neel has been featured in publications worldwide, including working with Goop, New York Magazine, Rose & Ivy, NY, and many more. 

This I Heart My Life Show episode is inspiring for those who already use manifestation, as well as for those who are new to the idea of manifestation, personal power, and inner peace.

In This Episode:

  • Neel shares her personal story of overcoming insomnia, eating addiction, stress addiction, learning to be ok alone, and being a workaholic. 
  • Living intuitively, taking the first steps towards a stress-free life. 
  • Working less, disconnecting, choosing the right amount of stress. 
  • Neel and Emily discuss manifestation, intuitive entrepreneurship, starting a business, and making the right decisions about where that business will go. 
  • The idea and motivation behind the Inner Compass cards and how they came to be a global presence. 
  • How to use the Inner Compass cards and guidebook. Neel shows us how she pulls a card and does a reading. 


“I honestly, I think it’s our own minds, it’s what we believe that is important. So, it’s about priorities, you know, if you think your work is a higher priority than your children or your body. So, I really learned to ask myself what I need in the moment, you know? So, I started doing that, the biggest switch I made in 2015 was when one of my therapists said to me, ask yourself like a hundred times a day, what do I need in this very moment? So that really helped me to live more in the now.” – Neel van Lierop

“There were a lot of must-do’s, you know, every, every hour there were things that I had to do. So, there’s only one person who’s able to change this. And I just decided to have peace, you know, peacefulness and health as a number one priority. So, your days look very different. And I decided not to have the day controlling my life or those to-dos, but I am in charge, you know? So that was a whole different ball game. Really inner peace is my top priority. That has everything to do with how you handle things because there’s always stressful moments presented to you, so it starts within your mind what you do with it, how you react.” – Neel van Lierop

“I think it starts with the awareness that you can change something and that you want to change something. I think for a lot of people it’s about running, you know, running away from what’s going on inside and what you really are supposed to deal with, you know? So, we flee or run away. How do we know what’s the best way to approach? It is really important to sit down with your emotions to heal things that were suppressed, you need to face them. And that’s the hardest part I would say.” – Neel van Lierop

“I love this way of living. You see that life is full of serendipity, every day is like full of magic miracles.” – Neel van Lierop

“I don’t work hard, I work smart.” – Neel van Lierop

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