Choosing to Be a Mother, Our Conception Story, and Pregnancy So Far

Emily Williams

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There’s no bond like the one between a child and a parent. So it’s no wonder that choosing to be a mother, or a parent in its entirety, is a powerful journey in itself. The physical, emotional, and even spiritual connection you and your child have nearly transcends the relationship you have with yourself alongside everything you’ve built in your life. Which, admittedly, can be scary at first— trust me, I would know. 

“I was, and I still am, so in love with the work that I do and I’m so involved in many different components of it that to think that I’d be able to essentially turn over my body to another sort of life and have the changes occur and the tiredness and the queasiness and all the stuff that we all hear comes along with pregnancy— I didn’t know how I would navigate that and be running a business.” — Emily Williams

My husband James and I have been enjoying this budding new stage in our life: growing our family. I’m nearly twenty weeks along in my first pregnancy, and so much has already happened! But believe me, this beautiful journey started long before I rejoiced with an unexpectedly yet expected (this will make more sense when you listen to the episode!) positive pregnancy test in hand. 

I knew that I was always destined to be a mother, but there were other facets to me that proved just as meaningful to my life. Which, in turn, has magnified my pure instinct to navigate this journey as I have been: with full surrender, pure openness, and intention. Oh, and a beautifully transformational environment of course! This is a story I’ve been thinking about for some time now, it’s time I share…

That’s why on this week’s episode of the I Heart My Life Show, I’m outpouring the intimate and inspiring journey of my conception and pregnancy thus far! I’ll be detailing the deep body and mindset work I invested in to get here, creating intention surrounding our baby’s conception, being a multifaceted entrepreneur and expecting mom, plus the journey that’s to come in future episodes!

I’ll admit, I had to record this episode twice. Pregnancy brain hasn’t hit (just yet), but I cannot help but overpour the gratitude and love I’ve been feeling the last few months. This baby is going to come into this world knowing exactly what it means to heart your life (and those that are in it)! We are so excited to share this journey with you.

In This Episode:

  • [0:01] Emily warmly welcomes us with her intentions and deep reflections in light of today’s episode!
  • [3:04] So, let’s take it back through the eight years in the making of Emily’s current reality.
  • [7:06] How Emily moved through the projections of doubt, worry, and fear surrounding her desires surrounding pregnancy.
  • [8:47] These are the calls and questions that Emily experienced about where and how she wanted to have a baby.
  • [12:38] Emily shares how she really tuned in to what she needed for this beautiful stage of her life.
  • [14:25] Check out this book Emily recommends for all those looking to get pregnant, or already care for their own beautiful babies!
  • [15:17] This is the beginning of Emily and James’ conception story!
  • [18:39] What it means to be in full surrender, as told (and experienced) by Emily!
  • [21:42] Emily shares her biggest shift amidst her journey with pregnancy so far. 


“I knew there was something else in store for me, in addition to that role [of motherhood]. And so for me, it was really important to get that moving before motherhood became a part of this scenario.” — Emily Williams

“I was, and I still am, so in love with the work that I do and I’m so involved in many different components of it that to think that I’d be able to essentially turn over my body to another sort of life and have the changes occur and the tiredness and the queasiness and all the stuff that we all hear comes along with pregnancy— I didn’t know how I would navigate that and be running a business.” — Emily Williams

“I have a level of trust with myself and with my body and with timing that I’ve been able to apply to many areas of my life. And so I figured it would be the same with the baby.” — Emily Williams

“I chose to believe that for me, if this path was right and we were meant to have a child or children, it would happen, period.” — Emily Williams

“We’re so susceptible to other people’s opinions that they seep in and causes us to go into fear, doubt, worry, concern—all the things—and block what it is that we actually want.”— Emily Williams

“We were in full trust around the scenario. We didn’t rush anything. We didn’t put any pressure on ourselves. We were just completely open.” — Emily Williams

“For the past year or so, I’ve been working on myself really diligently. I hired a therapist and I hired a nutritionist. Now I didn’t do this with the intention of making space or like setting my body up to have a baby, that actually never even entered my mind. If I’m being completely honest, it was all about me healing and tuning into what I personally need at this stage. Now, do I think that played a part in me, conceiving? Absolutely. I cleared out so much. My body was healthier. I was in a beautiful frame of mind in terms of mindset and releasing traumas, and some of the things that were holding me back for many years, or even decades. — Emily Williams

“That was the intention, just to start trying and not have an agenda. And we were well aware that we can’t predict the timeline of how long things are gonna take. And yet we were really open and just free with the whole thing. And we got pregnant on the first try and that was not something I ever expected.”  — Emily Williams

“It’s interesting to start to trust your body and understand that your body knows what to do.” — Emily Williams

“So much of my life has been about pushing, it’s about things feeling really difficult. It’s been about, ‘there’s never enough’, and those are all things I’m consistently working on. But for this conception, [it] was just so almost effortless for lack of a better word.” — Emily Williams

“I also know it’s not healthy to be attached to your company and the way that I have been for so many years, I know my worth is not tied to the work that I do. So it’s a really beautiful sort of shift in the start of releasing some of that attachment that’s not serving me and hasn’t been serving me and being able to be ambitious, but also having other important aspects to my life. Like being a mother, being a wife, being a friend, being a daughter, being somebody who loves to take time off, who loves to travel, who loves to throw parties, the list goes on and on and on.” — Emily Williams

“We aren’t just business owners or career women. We have other facets to us.” — Emily Williams

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