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Learn How to Invest to Create True Wealth With Kiana Danial

Emily Williams

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To many of us entrepreneurs, starting a business means starting a financial journey that’s not always a hundred percent safe…and most of us aren’t taught how to create wealth.

“There are little things that anybody can do to take control of their financial future and ensure that their money is going to continue making more money on their behalf.” – Kiana Danial

And yet, we do it. We do it for the thrill, we do it for the adventure, we do it for the dreams, and of course, we do it for the wealth.

Creating wealth, true wealth doesn’t always come easy; which is why asking for the help of an expert is never a bad idea.

And you know it already, this is exactly what we’re doing in this week’s episode of I Heart My Life!

Everyone, I want you to meet this week’s guest on the show, the brilliant Kiana Danial.

Kiana is the CEO of Invest Diva and a Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author. She is also an award-winning, internationally recognized personal investing and wealth creation expert. 

She truly is the perfect woman for this, am I right?

Having been featured in The Wall Street Journal, TIME, Forbes, Kiplinger, Business Insider, TheStreet, Nasdaq, Fox Business, CNN, Yahoo! Finance, and Cheddar, Kiana is a highly sought-after commentator, professional speaker, and executive coach.

Using her Diva Wealth Ecosystem, she has built an 8-figure net worth within three years. 

Pretty impressive stuff! Clearly someone who knows how to create wealth.

Well, lucky for you, today, Kiana is here to share all her knowledge and secrets with us.

Listen in as she and I discuss how entrepreneurs and business owners can learn to manage their money, invest it, and create true generational wealth.

I hope you’re just as excited as I am for this!

All right, without further ado, let’s dive in!

In This Episode:

  • [00:00] Introduction
  • [01:48] How Kiana’s business started
  • [08:13] Staying positive in tough times through manifestation
  • [15:19] Why some entrepreneurs are still struggling to make ends meet
  • [22:40] Are you spending more after making more? That might be why you have money problems…
  • [26:50] Here’s how to make your money work for you
  • [33:24] How to find the right person to help you invest
  • [34:46] Kiana discusses her new book
  • [37:31] Kiana tells us how we can create a life that’s better than our dreams


“Wealth is a byproduct of financial literacy, financial literacy is not a byproduct of wealth.” – Kiana Danial

“If you can’t manage a hundred bucks, you cannot manage a hundred thousand dollars, and you definitely cannot manage a million dollars.” – Kiana Danial 

“A personal family emergency fund, depending on your age, your income potential, and your health, is anywhere between three to twelve months of your essential monthly expenses saved in a high yield savings account.” – Kiana Danial

“As you start making more money, don’t start spending more money!” – Kiana Danial

“There are little things that anybody can do to take control of their financial future and ensure that their money is going to continue making more money on their behalf.” – Kiana Danial

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