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When life hands you lemons…

Let me ask you (and I genuinely want to know)… How has your business been doing since the pandemic started? Maybe when COVID-19 hit you suddenly realized – like the IHML team did – that things were not going to be the same in your business. I know for us, we had three live events […]

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That Time I “Retired” My Husband So He Could Pursue His Dreams

Yesterday James and I were reminded of what we were doing 5 years ago this weekend… Yup, that’s us in Venice, Italy. It almost feels like a completely different lifetime, and I’m so grateful that we have spent so much time in Italy over the years seeing that it’s pretty much off-limits right now. This […]

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The One Question You Should Be Asking Yourself During This Pandemic

The truth is, this week has been challenging.One of the most difficult things for me personally, is not being able to plan things in the future. Experiences like our events and retreats, a trip I was going to take with my family, brunches with friends or weekends away with James.If you’re anything like me, I’ve […]

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That time when no one bought my $250 course

I hosted my first in-person workshop in July 2014. Guess how many people attended… 20? 30? 10? Nope…6! The workshop was held in a tiny Lululemon pop-up shop in London. (This was before Lululemon had officially been brought over from America to the UK, and they were just testing it. It was literally the size […]

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Here’s why she has a 7-figure business

Just a few days ago, I was talking to my 7-figure business owner client — let’s call her Jane. She just signed up to work with James and me privately for another year, and on our call, she told us all about her process and making the decision. She described how she told her husband […]

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Why we’re moving to the US – the full story

I’m coming to you today from Seattle, Washington, in the United States. It’s a really exciting time for me personally, and I wanted to share the full story with you today. But first, let’s talk about change — more importantly, giving yourself the permission to change or reroute. As you probably know, in 2010, I […]

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Big learnings + what I’m reading right now that will up your success game

This summer has resulted in a huge amount of growth for me personally and professionally. I always want to share what I’m learning with you so you too can up your success game and achieve your goals. And most importantly live the life you’ve always dreamed of. I also love sharing with you because I want […]

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How the world’s most successful make decisions (Day 3)

“A risk-less life is unbelievably risky.” — Jim Donald (Former CEO of Starbucks) I’m coming to you with some key takeaways from Day 3 of the Titan Summit. The topic was Exponential Business Results + Creating a World-Class Company. If you missed my posts about Days 1 and 2, definitely go back and read them. […]

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How to get more done in less time…

Last week I went to a 7am spinning class, and it was one of those rare occasions when the instructor was late. I personally went through a range of emotions and thoughts when I found that out about the delay… Maybe I should leave and go for a run instead… Maybe I should check my […]

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