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6-Figures in 6 Months Series: Part 4


January 26, 2021

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Drum roll, please… 

The fourth, and final, episode of the 6-Figures in 6 Months series is finally here! 

Now, I know people love to talk about the structures and strategies, right? They think those things hold the keys to the kingdom of your dreams. We both know mindset plays an immense role in your success as well because the thing is, you need to build your dream like you would build a house. It starts with a strong foundation. So, this episode takes it way back to the beginning. Back to the foundation of my business. Back to my belief that I was meant for something big. So if you are a dreamer like me, this episode is for you. 

“And so this is what is so essential when it comes to your dreams; There are times in our lives where it’s not a hundred percent clear how it’s going to happen– It’s not even a hundred percent clear what it is we want to happen–  but we have to keep it alive. And we have to keep the faith. And we have to keep taking steps towards those dreams.” -Emily Williams 

When I say my life changed in 6 months, it feels like a total understatement. People want to know what the secret is, right? And while I could answer with a million different things, one of the biggest things that I always come back to is being a dreamer. That’s why I’m so excited to wrap this series by diving into the 7 essential aspects of turning your dream into a reality, so if, like me, you want to start a 6-figure business you can

Think about this: What do all people who achieve greatness have in common? They dream big. Sure, some people might see them as a big delusional at the time, but that doesn’t stop them. Think about the Richard Bransons and Steve Jobses, heck even the Oprahs, of the world. They were dreamers who stuck with it because they believed it could happen (and it did). We all have to live our lives like our dreams are possible (because they are). If you play it small you’ll never make it big, Lovely. 

Listen as I walk you through the importance of everything from having the audacity to dream big to why you need to make your dreams non-negotiable. I explain how continuously thinking outside of the box plays an essential role in your ability to level-up again and again and how the people you surround yourself with can make all the difference. I also discuss how entrepreneurship is more than a career path, it’s a lifestyle (and yes, sometimes that means long grueling hours and hard work when you start out). 

My success didn’t happen overnight. The thing is, I’m still dedicated and working hard. Staying in the right mindset needed to commit to your dreams is a continuous journey, Lovely. But guess what? Like me, you can be committed to the ride. You can be committed to your dreams, your growth, and your success. The result? You can live a life that’s better than your dreams (trust me). 

By sharing my experience and this advice with you, I want you to be able to hit the ground running and not chase your dreams, but catch them. Live them. Surpass them. I know I always say this– that it is possible for you– but it’s because I truly believe it, Lovely. So go ahead, after you listen to this episode, open the book and start writing your success story today. Waiting isn’t going to serve anyone. 

P.S. If you loved this series, imagine what you could get inside one of our programs (like the I Heart Coaching program)! We have so much to offer to help you so you can stop waiting and start stepping into your big desires in a BIG way. Book a call with one of our clarity coaches today to see how we can help you start living out your dreams ASAP.  

In this episode… 

[03:14] I didn’t think I was going to make it…

[04:43] It’s a work in progress (and that’s okay). 

[07:29] You have to lay the foundations first (then build).

[10:32] You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be (here’s why). 

[14:37] Keeping the dream alive (until it becomes the reality). 

[17:26] Why your dreams need to be non-negotiable.

[18:42] I expect the best (and why you should too). 

[23:37] Start thinking outside of the box (and continuing to say yes to your dream).

[27:52] Who you surround yourself with really matters

[29:53] Entrepreneurship is a way of life. 

[34:30] 7 conditions needed to make your dreams a reality (recap). 

[35:28] Hear the details about the I Heart Coaching program (and how it can help you in a BIG way). 


“And so this is what is so essential when it comes to your dreams; There are times in our lives where it’s not a hundred percent clear how it’s going to happen– It’s not even a hundred percent clear what it is we want to happen–  but we have to keep it alive. And we have to keep the faith. And we have to keep taking steps towards those dreams.” -Emily Williams 

“When you dream big and you go for it and you really put yourself out there in a huge way– and you believe that anything is possible and good things are always on their way to you– the universe, God, whatever it is you believe in is going to deliver much, much more than that. And so as an entrepreneur, you need to be willing to always up-level yourself and just go for it and say, yes.” -Emily Williams 

“We all need support. We’re not meant to do this alone. I don’t know where we all got this idea as women, that we need to do everything ourselves, but it’s so not true. And so when I surrounded myself with this group of 200 entrepreneurs around the world, it changed my life.” -Emily Williams 

“Whatever that dream life is for you in terms of your personal life and your business combined– you know, that real entrepreneur lifestyle– that’s what you need to be living, eating, breathing, thinking about all the time. Especially in the beginning if you’re trying to create that as your reality.” -Emily Williams 

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