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6-Figures in 6 Months Series: Part 3

Emily Williams

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I’m back for part 3 of the 4 part series all about my journey earning 6-figures in 6-months (and how you can too). Now, before diving into today’s episode, be sure to go back and listen to parts 1 and 2 if you haven’t already. These episodes are essential in helping you lay the groundwork needed to jump into the strategies I’ll be outlining in this episode. 

Are you ready?

“As women, we connect through stories. And so I’ve found that to be really, really vital in my success. And I haven’t been afraid to be the face of my brand and really be the voice of my brand and to tell people why it is I do what I do. Why I’m so passionate about this work. Why it’s so important to me. And why I believe in your gifts and your talents and your unique abilities that are needed in this world.” -Emily Williams 

If you’re the person who’s been patiently waiting for the strategies, the wait is over! This episode is all about the very business decisions and strategies that I put in place when I was starting out. For starters, I reveal how investing in myself and my business changed everything for me. Truthfully, most people underestimate this part. We assume that we must have it all figured out by the time we start the business, right? But that couldn’t be further from wrong, Lovely. I wouldn’t have been able to successfully implement these strategies if it wasn’t for the investments I made in my business.

I used to think I’d be able to do this whole thing all by myself (hint: I couldn’t). I know money is where a lot of people freeze up, but that’s why I explain how getting help from experts actually saves you money and gives you BIG returns in the long-run (trust me). For example, sure, I could have guessed my way through Facebook Ads (and wasted time and money along the way), but I’m so grateful that I invested in Facebook Ad experts (Don’t worry, I share what I’ve learned in this very episode). Decisions like this changed my ability to target my ideal clients and to scale beyond belief (and can do the same for you). 

As for those strategies? Get ready to take some notes as I outline the 10 strategies I invested my time and money into to help me go from nothing (well, debt, to be exact) to 6-figures  in my business in 6 months. I explain how you can use the same structures to start (or scale)  your business. Listen as I explain the importance of everything from targeting your ideal clients to simply showing up unafraid and unapologetically as you put your services out into the world. I dive into the importance of market research and how developing strong, emotional connections with your audience can lead to sales. (Hint: shamelessly sharing your story is a must). 

Now, if strategies are something you struggle with (or you’re simply looking for that next level of support), I also give you the full run-down of my I Heart Coaching program in this episode (I know you’re curious!). I reveal what you can expect each month during the 6-month program and even offer an exclusive VIP opportunity just for you. This program is about as comprehensive as it gets, laying the foundation to scaling your success (and income) with mindset work, tried and true business strategies, and techniques for successful coaches! Trust me, you don’t want to sit this one out. (Click here to learn more).  

P.S. It’s not over yet! Be sure to tune in for this series’ final segment, part 4! As a whole, this series offers you nearly 4 hours of insight and actionable advice to help you step into your big dreams, just like I did. (I share details from my own story, including my struggles, to remind you that this is possible, Lovely).

P.P.S. Are you craving the support outlined in this episode to help you step into your dreams but have no idea where to start? Book a call with one of our clarity coaches today to see how we can help you start living out your dreams ASAP.  

In this episode… 

[02:20] Hear a recap of the first half of the 4-part series! (Be sure to catch part 1 and part 2 if you haven’t already).

[05:08] This is your opportunity to grow stronger. 

[07:09] Hear one of the key aspects of my success (Hint: most people underestimate it). 

[12:25] The importance of getting clear on your ideal client (including what services to offer) and how to market to them.  

[14:44] What I’ve learned about Facebook ads. 

[16:19] The power of story (how telling your story helps make connections with your clients). 

[19:20] The benefit of confidently pitching your offerings (overcoming fear of being “sales-y”). 

[23:00] Building emotional connection with your clients (and how market research can help).

[26:21] Learn how I Heart Coaching can help you and your business (month by month breakdown of the program’s curriculum!). 

[34:45] What comes with the program? 

[36:20] Did someone say VIP?… hear about this opportunity! 

[41:04] Recap of the 10 structures to put in place for your business. 

Links & Resources: 

“You know, people ask me all the time, ‘what changed for you? What shifted, how did you go from those 54 nos to having a 6-figure business in 6 months?’ And honestly, it was because I learned from the best and I didn’t try and do all of this by myself.” – Emily Williams 

“As women, we connect through stories. And so I’ve found that to be really, really vital in my success. And I haven’t been afraid to be the face of my brand and really be the voice of my brand and to tell people why it is I do what I do. Why I’m so passionate about this work. Why it’s so important to me. And why I believe in your gifts and your talents and your unique abilities that are needed in this world.” -Emily Williams 

“So just creating that Facebook page, and then sending them to a sales page all about your program? It’s not enough. Again, you have to build that relationship.” -Emily Williams 

“So you never know what’s going to happen when you say yes to your dreams and you step up to the plate and you really go for it and in a very big way. So hold that faith in yourself. Hold that faith in your services and be that confident, successful female entrepreneur.” -Emily Williams 

Links & Resources: 

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