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How Simplicity Can Change Your Life with Rose Lounsbury


June 18, 2020

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The tidiness of your house reflects the tidiness of your mind. This isn’t a new concept but Rose Lounsbury has experienced this to an amazing degree. After having her triplets, Rose knew she had to make a change in how she organized her home. 

Fast-forward to today, she has since helped thousands of others to recognize why they hold onto things and how to start letting them go. When she came to I Heart My Life, she already had a pretty good foot forward on building and growing her business, but the mindset shifts she has seen has opened the door to even greater success. 

“…but unless you actually do the push ups or eat the salad, you’re not going to get the results that you want. If you can get past the fear, you can take action.”

-Rose Lounsbury

One of the biggest things that she has moved past in her time as an entrepreneur is recognizing fear for what it is and working through the emotion to better understand her next moves. She used to envision her fear as a ball that she dropped away from her, but now she processes the emotion to understand what her mind, heart, and body are telling her. 

It is truly amazing to think that both Rose and I help women achieve very similar things with completely different approaches. The main goal is understanding your true desires and figuring out how to make them your reality.

Listen in as Rose shares her amazing story and why she believes that minimalism is an important step in the direction of freedom. So, what have you been holding onto? 

In this Episode: 

[00:28] Listen in to learn more about Rose Lounsbury and why simplicity is important. 

[03:11] Welcome Rose to the show and learn more about the story behind her success. 

[09:57] Did she leap into her business or build it up and then leave her teaching career? 

[14:15] What was coming up for Rose as she moved into the online world? 

[18:14] Rose shares how she confronts and moves past her fears. 

[21:50] Facing your fears becomes like a muscle that you can flex. 

[23:57] As a coach it’s frustrating to work with people who refuse to act on their desires. 

[27:41] Further unpack what it means to need certain negative stimuli and how you can work to change those habits. 

[31:36] Coaching is not just about strategy, it’s also about your growth as a person. 

[33:01] Has Rose had any big shifts since joining the Mastermind? 

[37:39] It’s amazing how your pricing and intention affects your mindset and clients. 

[38:58] What is minimalism and simplicity and what steps can you take to start? 

[45:25] How Rose and Emily are really working on opposite ends of the spectrum with the same goal.

[46:52] What is one way you can create a life better than your dreams? 

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“…but unless you actually do the push ups or eat the salad, you’re not going to get the results that you want. If you can get past the fear, you can take action.” – Rose Lounsbury

“You just have to ask yourself, what are you actually getting from staying stuck or from not putting something in place?” – Emily Williams

“A lot of time it’s better if you invest more in yourself. If you ask people to invest more in you. That really is where great change can happen.” – Rose Lounsbury



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