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Operations, Team, and Metrics 101 with Ange Quinn

June 3, 2021

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It’s so easy to get caught up in the go, go, go of running a business, right? The truth is, there comes a time when you can’t achieve your big, bold business goals all by yourself. (And that’s okay.) There’s only so much time in a day, and there’s no need to try to do everything yourself. Trying to do so could ultimately harm your business. I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without my team.

“You have to have an onboarding process. That’s going to introduce them to your business, [give them the] background, and show them where they can find things. This is all setting it up so that they’re not asking as many questions. If you set them up properly in your business, it will take less of your time.” -Ange Quinn

Speaking of… 

One of my extraordinary team members is Ange Quinn. Not only is Ange a certified Director of Operations, but she’s one of the incredible strategists in the I Heart My Life Mastermind. I was thrilled to sit down with Ange for this episode to talk about everything operations, team, and metrics. 

Ange is living proof that life works in mysterious ways to reveal your calling. For Ange, that meant losing her job right before becoming a mom. Instead of giving up and giving in, Ange took her passions into her own hands and built a virtual business operations empire. Since then, she’s replaced her 6-figure corporate income by running her own business, helping entrepreneurs successfully run theirs

She joins me for this episode to reveal her insider tips that can help you successfully run your business. So, not only does Ange share her story that proves everything happens for a reason, but she gives insightful advice that you can apply to your business. 

So, whether you’re looking to add your first or next team member, Ange explains how to know when it’s time to hire. She even shares her trick to knowing who that hire should be. We also talk about the importance of having an onboarding process and how it can make your and your new your hire’s lives much easier. Maybe your next hire is your very own Director of Operations. That’s why we talk about what a Director of Operations does and when it’s time to hire one. Ange breaks down the different options you have for hiring for this role and the financial signs that your business is ready to make that hire. 

Maybe you’re scratching your head, wondering why your business isn’t scaling the way you want. That’s why Ange and I spend time diving into those key performance indicators you should keep your eye on in your business. Ange explains why numbers are significant when it comes to understanding the health of any business. We discuss important areas where you should be tracking data and what to do with that information to move you toward your goals. We also talk all about the importance of getting clear on what is or isn’t working with your business and how to use it to move forward. 

Ange even gives her advice for living a life better than your dreams. After all, that’s what it’s all about, right? 

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a notebook and dive in to learn Ange’s insider tips that can help you break through to new levels in your business. 

In this episode… 

[03:17] Welcome to the show, Ange! 

[07:27] Everything happens for a reason… 

[12:25] How Ange leveraged her passions and experiences to launch her business. 

[15:58] How to know when (and who) to hire your first team member. 

[20:12] Director of Operations: what they do and when to hire one. 

[24:47] How to know when you’re financially ready to hire a Director of Operations. 

[27:34] The biggest mistakes people make with hiring. 

[29:52] Key Performance Indicators to keep your eye on. 

[33:40] Ange’s advice for living a life better than your dreams. 


“The first thing you should hire for is that first thing that’s really holding you back.” -Ange Quinn

“It’s actually costing you more money to keep doing those tasks, especially the things that you’re not good at, and you’re not skilled at, then to outsource it.” -Emily Williams 

“You have to have an onboarding process. That’s going to introduce them to your business, [give them the] background, and show them where they can find things. This is all setting it up so that they’re not asking as many questions. If you set them up properly in your business, it will take less of your time.” -Ange Quinn

“I find that numbers can just really tell the story behind the scenes in many different ways.” -Ange Quinn

“Awareness is so key when it comes to building your business, and that’s something that a lot of business owners forget. They’re just go, go, go, and you really need to take some time to actually look at what is working and what’s not working because sometimes the simplest tweaks can make a big difference.” -Emily Williams 

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