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The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity – Part 1

February 9, 2021

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If you want it, you can have it (it’s true). You might just need to do a little mindset work before you can have it, Lovely. The good news is this episode can help you get around the roadblocks standing between you and glorious prosperity.

“Whatever you are craving, that is what is in store for you. That’s when it’s available for you. And the sooner that we own it, the sooner we stop judging it, the sooner that dam is going to be released and you’re going to see more abundance.” -Emily Williams

This is the start of a new series in which I dive into all of the brilliant inspiration and insight from Catherine Ponder’s The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity. After hearing about the book from the amazing Dr. Jay LaGuardia (catch my interview with him next week), I immediately went out and bought it (and started implementing her teachings in my own life). It’s seriously filled with so much power and knowledge I had to break it down into four different episodes to share with you. 

I’m so excited to be diving into this book with you because she touches upon so many things that I know hit close to home. So, follow along as I peel back the layers of Ponder’s beliefs surrounding the guilt people often feel when they realize their desire for wealth and prosperity (and why that shouldn’t be the case). In fact, I explore Ponder’s belief that poverty works against us, limiting our ability to step into our calling of how we can make a difference in the world. (My mind was blown). I discuss why prosperity is needed to thrive in life, including Ponder’s belief that the power to live prosperously stems from within. In other words, it all comes back to one of my all-time favorite topics, mindset. 

I love how Ponder uses the Law of Attraction and the Vacuum Law to help explain how prosperity works and how it can come into (or be kept out of) our lives. That leads me to discuss how you have to be willing to give (money, time, wherever it is) before you can begin to receive. In this episode I touch upon the important roles guilt, fear, letting go, and forgiveness play in prosperity and building the life (and business) you’ve been dreaming of.

Again, I’ve witnessed the power of these shifts in my own life. I want you to understand that this actually works. That’s why I include several examples of how these laws and principles have made a difference in my life and business (and how they can do the same for you). I lead you through the actions you can take to start shifting your money mindset to make room for prosperity with simple steps. I even share one of my favorite mantras from the book so you can apply it to your own life. 

Remember, this is only the beginning. This was just part one of this powerful series. Be sure to tune into the entire series to get the full value and learn how you can start going after your dreams and welcoming prosperity guilt-free.

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In this episode… 

[01:38] Sneak peek into this 4-part series. 

[04:20] The story behind the book. 

[06:03] Chapter 1: The Shocking Truth About Prosperity (and why it’s not wrong to desire it). 

[10:44] The link between thought and supply (The power lies within you). 

[13:34] Chapter 2: The Basic Law of Prosperity (The Law of Attraction).
[18:06] Why you need to do the mindset work first. (“I am the center of the universe”). 

[23:30] Chapter 3: The Vacuum Law of Prosperity (and how to apply it in your life). 

[26:12] The power of forgiveness. 

[28:57] The way to deal with feelings of lack. 


“When we are prosperous and when we live in abundance, anything is possible and we’re able to live life to the fullest. “ -Emily Williams 

“It’s actually our duty to be wealthy. And what happens when we’re wealthy is that we don’t have to worry about money. And so it frees our mind up to focus on how we can impact the world, how we can utilize our talents, how we can make a difference.” -Emily Williams 

“Prosperous thinking opens the way to prosperous results.” -Catherine Ponder

“Whatever you are craving, that is what is in store for you. That’s when it’s available for you. And the sooner that we own it, the sooner we stop judging it, the sooner that dam is going to be released and you’re going to see more abundance.” -Emily Wiliams 

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