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People love talking about their marketing tricks and money-making tips, but it turns out there’s another (less sexy) secret to people’s success: morning routines. Before you start thinking you’re “too busy” and other excuses for why a structured routine is not in the cards for youknow that I wasn’t always a believer either. As it turns out, when I follow my morning routine, my days are so. much. better.

“What if you start to believe that this morning routine is going to make you more successful? This morning routine is going to make you more money? This morning routine means you are going to have more energy to serve your clients or to devote to your family?” -Emily Williams

So, I’m dedicating this episode to sharing the details of and whys behind my morning routine. Now, I know that what works for me might not be what fuels your fire (and that’s totally okay). I hope to inspire you to find a routine that works for you (not against you), helping you be the best version of you for the sake of your mind, body, and business. 

Let’s be real, the hardest part about establishing a morning routine is… well… establishing one. This episode dives into everything from setting up a strong foundation with sleep to prioritizing your (sometimes dreaded) to-do list. 

Prioritizing your day is essential. The first part of my routine is all about health and nutrition because I need to start with whatever I am most likely to find an excuse not to do. Maybe, like me, you want to get that workout done first thing in the morning otherwise, it won’t get done but you look for every excuse in the book of why you can’t do it. You can’t find your sock. You don’t have a hair elastic. (Yup, these are my real excuses!) Whatever it is, push past the excuses because I promise it feels good to fulfill your commitment to yourself.  Then, once you’ve done what you have to (but maybe not wanted to) do, you can shift your focus onto what fires you up. 

It doesn’t all have to be a struggle. Be sure to leave time to do something that brings you joy. Me? I love learning from and being inspired by others. That’s why I make time for inspiration and learning in my routine (podcasts are my favorite). If you’re short on time, take a page out of my book and try listening to a podcast or audiobook while you get ready. 

I always end my morning routine by checking in with my amazing project manager. I keep it short and easy because I know it’s imperative to the alignment and success of my team. By the end of my routine, I’m feeling accomplished and inspired, ready to fully dive into my workday!

So tune in to learn how you too can find a morning routine that has you feeling good and ready to seize the day (Warning: it might take a little tweaking until you find the right fit for you). Remember, when your mind tries to talk you out of it (trust me, it will) remember your why and keep pushing through. The results will follow!

In this Episode: 

[5:12] Why I wake up (and go to bed) early.

[6:51] Why I battle my temptation to work first thing in the morning. 

[8:10] How having a “no excuse” mentality helps me get through my workout. 

[11:43] The importance of fueling your body (and the recipe for the shake I drink daily!).

[14:09] How I built a routine, even when it didn’t come easily to me.

[15:32] Understanding the connection between health and success.

[17:41] The benefit extension mindset that helps me stay committed to my morning routine.

[20:35] My morning coffee tips.

[21:18] The importance of ‘filling up your cup’ before giving to others. 

[22:55] My (super quick) morning meeting routine.

[23:47] Finding a routine that works for YOU.

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“I thought I could never do this. But here I am, I’m doing it.” -Emily Williams 

“It takes 66 days to form a habit. So if you’re trying this for one day and then you’re failing. That’s not enough time. Think about the other habits in your life and how long it took you to form those.” -Emily Williams 

What if you start to believe that this morning routine is going to make you more successful? This morning routine is going to make you more money? This morning routine means you are going to have more energy to serve your clients or to devote to your family?” -Emily Williams 

“For those of us who are in the coaching space or consultants who are giving to people all the time, or maybe you’re an entrepreneur and you’re giving to your team or giving to your clients, regardless, you need to need to think about the way in which you can fill up your cup in the morning before you go and give to others.” -Emily Williams 

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