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Welcome to part two of this new series in which I dive into the life-changing knowledge inside of Catherine Ponder’s book, The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity. This episode is all about making space in your mind and life for the prosperity you’re desiring. Join me as I dive into the next three chapters of the book (and three new Laws of Prosperity). 

“The mind produces definite results only when it has been given definite ideas through which to work.” -Catherine Ponders

You know I’m all about the tangible takeaways, Lovely. So, get ready for me to share a super-simple process you can follow every day to help ignite the mindset transformation needed to step into prosperity in your own life and business. Even better? It only takes 15 minutes of your time dedicated to your desires each day. Totally doable (and I even share examples of incredible results this process can bring to life). 

Additionally, I explain why getting clarity (and specific) around your desires is an essential first step to getting on the road to prosperity and how you can set yourself up for success with your desires (Hint: write them down). I discuss why planning met with consistent and intentional action and thought are imperative to prosperous living (and why giving your desires permission to change is a good thing). 

The thing is, we have the power to impact our own lives. Life doesn’t have to happen to you. That’s why I review Ponder’s theory behind the power of imagining what it is you desire in your mind (yes, literally picturing it) and how your imagination and will work together to bring whatever that desire is into your life. It’s all about planting the seeds for expectation in your mind first so they can grow and show up in a very real way. 

So, whatever your desires are, whether we’re talking about money or weight loss, the idea is the same here. It’s all about staying committed to the image you’ve created in your mind of what you truly desire so it can manifest in your reality (I’ve done this in my one life and can say it works). Why? Your mind produces what you think and visualize (I explain more in the episode). 

Lastly, I reveal the final aspect of the three-part exercise in which you use your words to help bring your desires and prosperity to life. Words are more powerful than we give them credit, (and I have plenty of Poder’s examples to help illustrate just how powerful). The bottom line is that what you think and what you say matter just as much as what you desire. This episode is aimed at helping you understand how you can get in the right mindset and take the right actions to be on your way to prosperity ASAP. 

Remember, this is only the second episode of this incredible on-going series. Be sure to tune into the next episode (and go back and listen to the first if you haven’t already) to get the full value and learn how you can start going after your dreams and welcoming prosperity today. 

P.S. Be sure to listen for the promo to save 15% on my signature I Heart Money course. This course will have you on your way to impacting the world and stepping into your purpose (while creating room for the wealth you desire). Regardless of where you are in your business journey, this course has something to offer. Head over to our courses page on our website to get your access to this incredible course and all of its exclusive content and resources. 

In this episode… 

[03:13] Chapter 4: The Creative Law of Prosperity

[03:50] Getting clear on your desires (and why you need to write them down). 

[07:54] What happens when we suppress our desires (and how to plan for them instead).

[11:06] Doing this 15 minutes a day can lead you to prosperity. 

[13:31] Chapter 5: The Imaging Law of Prosperity. 

[15:38] Why you need to have patience with your desires (rather than give up). 

[23:44] Chapter 6: the Prosperity Law of Command (the power of your words). 

[27:16] The power of affirmations. 

[31:51] Identifying your defaults (so you can overcome them). 


“Whether it’s business building or mindset, we always start with desire because it’s so important that you are clear on what it is that you actually want.” -Emily Williams 

“The mind produces definite results only when it has been given definite ideas through which to work.”-Catherine Ponders

“What I learned in the very beginning of building I Heart My Life was that money loves purpose. So, I got super granular about what my desires actually were and what the purpose was for the money that I was saying I wanted.” -Emily Williams

“If we believe that we have power to impact our own lives, then that means we have power to impact it positively.” -Emily Williams 

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Podcast Episode 176: The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity: Part 1

The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity by Catherine Ponder

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