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How To Be Resilient and Move Through Challenge with Neeta Bhushan

Emily Williams

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Neeta Bhushan Smiling on The Beach

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When faced with challenges, we have two choices. We can give up and give in, or stand tall and move through to the other side. I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Whether it’s changing careers, starting a business, taking your business to a new level or in a new direction, leaving a relationship— literally any of life’s big (or small) decisions— the answer lies in your heart. 

“Once you say ‘yes’ to the growth ride, all doors open wide.” -Neeta Bhushan

That’s why I’m so excited to share this inspiring conversation with Neeta Bhushan. Neeta is a true champion of emotional and mental health. After a childhood filled with traumatic loss and pressures of perfection, Neeta thought she knew what she needed to feel fulfilled in her life. However, she quickly realized that the financial success of her cosmetic dentistry practice wasn’t the answer she was looking for. Now, Neeta serves as a mentor to leaders and entrepreneurs. She’s a speaker, author, and co-founder of both the Global Grit Institute and the Dharma Coaching Certification. 

While her resume is sure to impress, it’s her story of courage, ambition, and resilience that I find most inspiring. Follow along as Neeta shares her incredible story starting with her childhood, explaining the pressures she felt as the eldest child of two immigrant parents. After working tirelessly to chase the “American Dream,” she was caught off guard when she realized the dream she was chasing no longer aligned with her true desires. Thus, she shares her journey of self-discovery and how giving herself the time, space, and permission to explore her authentic truth helped her find her version of the Dream.

She doesn’t hold anything back, discussing the pressures she felt to keep the peace and keep others satisfied both in her family and abusive marriage. She also explains why sometimes you need to break down to break through. We talk about everything from the power of seeking help and guidance to moving past the fears that hold us back. Neeta’s story further proves that your heart holds the answers to some of life’s biggest questions and most difficult decisions. 

As much as this episode is about Neeta’s story, it’s also about helping you learn tools that can move you through times of darkness and confusion. The advice we unpack in this episode can help you transform your life in pretty much every way. After all, we only get one life to live. As Neeta emphasizes, it’s best spent doing something you love, giving you a sense of purpose, alignment, and joy. 

This is the perfect episode for entrepreneurs, game-changers, and anyone looking for that breakthrough that will give you the sense of peace and purpose you’ve been chasing. Neeta is a remarkable example of what can happen when you let go of the pressure, perfectionism, and expectations and instead say yes to your heart. I hope that this episode helps you get one step closer to doing the same.  

In this episode… 

[04:21] Welcome, Neeta! She shares her journey of grit and resilience. 

[09:48] The awakening that changed Neeta’s course (and possibly her life). 

[13:58] How Neeta moved through pressure and uncertainty to experience the ultimate breakthrough. 

[17:43] The importance of giving yourself permission. 

[18:17] How seeking help and community brought Neeta closer to a big revelation. 

[23:26] How Neeta made the hard decision to totally switch gears in her career.

[27:30] Give yourself space, time, and permission to lean into your heart.

[28:44] Neeta shares how she found clarity (and love). 

[31:58] Neeta’s framework for rising above life’s obstacles with resilience. 

[36:05] Neeta’s advice for living a life better than your dreams. 


“That permission piece is so huge. How often do we need somebody else to validate decisions and let us know it’s okay, and give us that metaphorical stamp of approval before we can do it for ourselves?” -Emily Williams 

“Once you say ‘yes’ to the growth ride, all doors open wide.” -Neeta Bhushan

“Your heart actually has the answers. It’s not in the textbook. It’s really just following those instincts.” -Emily Williams 

“It’s like this awakening, which leads you to ignite perhaps a different perspective, a different way of thinking, or a different way of doing things. You’re just asking a different question, which then leads you to rise. You’re rising like a Phoenix out of this mess.” -Neeta Bhushan

“Once you are able to relish and dive into that personal care time where you are able to reflect, rethink, regather, reset, and reclaim, you can really envision even more of an amazing life [filled with more] greatness than you had ever anticipated. [It starts by] just by giving yourself that space and permission.”  -Neeta Bhushan

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