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How to Build a Thriving Personal and Professional Network

Emily Williams

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I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about networking. It’s easy to get caught up in strategy and marketing, forgetting to nourish other imperative aspects of running a business. Truthfully, whether you’re running a business or just looking to find inspiration and up-level your life, we can all benefit from human connection.

“When you start with pure intentions based on connection, based on wanting to give as well as to get, of course [you’ll receive benefits]. That will happen naturally. You don’t have to worry about that. Your job is to show up, be kind, be generous and put yourself out there.” -Emily Williams

Despite being an introvert, I’ve made it a priority to get intentional about networking. It’s helped me grow my business in more ways than I ever imagined possible. My network has supported me through massive challenges and exciting changes. I’ve come to realize that, like many things in life, the sky’s the limit here. Maybe you join a 6-month mastermind, connect via a Facebook group, or simply meet up for a quick coffee date. It’s about finding what works for you. So, this episode focused on teaching you how to grow a thriving network in your life.  

Maybe you’re craving connection or looking for support that your friends and family just can’t offer you. There’s no need to feel wrong about that. We’re constantly evolving, right? So, it makes sense that your network would evolve too. I share examples of how my network has changed with the shifts in my life and business.

Follow along to learn why acknowledging your desires and being intentional with your approach is the first step to building a strong network. I walk you through how to use things like social media— platforms you’re likely actively using already— to your advantage. I explain the power of asking questions and reaching out to those who inspire us most (and maybe even make us a tad bit jealous). 

As you probably know, I’ve moved around a ton in my life. So, I’ve had to create my network from scratch. While I share stories of traveling all over the country and world to build the incredible network and support system I have today, I also want to highlight the power of tapping into your local network. Listen for the actionable advice I have regarding showing up genuinely and generously. I reveal the exact steps you can take to go from intention to action and grow an invaluable network. 

It’s all about finding like-minded individuals so you can not only support each other but help each other grow. Networks are a huge source of inspiration. Again, I’ve connected with people around the world, and it’s because I set the intention to do so. I wanted to grow my network and connect with and learn from like-minded people wherever I was, and I’m better for it. (My business is too). Who knows! By the end of this episode, you might be ready to throw your very own influencer party!

I hope this episode serves as a reminder that people are more than willing to help if you just ask. Open your heart and mind, setting the intention to grow your network. I invite you to find your people and join those groups, whether they’re online or in person. You’ll be amazed at the incredible connections you’ll make, opportunities you’ll find, and the growth you’ll experience.

P.S. Looking to connect with like-minded women? Want to work alongside entrepreneurs who have big hearts and big visions? Check out our signature I Heart My Life Mastermind, an incredible one-stop-shop experience for networking and growing your biz. Book a call with us today to learn about this fantastic opportunity and how it can help you achieve your biggest goals. 

In this episode… 

[03:04] The importance of connections and support in life and business. 

[04:03] How to find like-minded people. 

[06:45] The power of reaching out to your local network (and how to do it). 

[09:53] Learn more about how I’ve taken action to build my network. 

[12:04] The power of generosity. 

[14:18] How to go from intention to action to grow your network. 

[16:22] Tailoring your approach to networking to meet your needs. 


“This life journey is not meant to be done alone.” -Emily Williams

“[Maybe] you’ve realized that the people in your life who have been there for years are no longer in alignment with what it is that you’re doing in your life or what you want to create. And that’s totally normal. We’re always evolving. And that’s a good thing.”-Emily Williams

“When you start with pure intentions based on connection, based on wanting to give as well as to get, of course [you’ll receive benefits]. That will happen naturally. You don’t have to worry about that. Your job is to show up, be kind, be generous and put yourself out there.” -Emily Williams

“Get clear on the intention. What is it that you’re actually looking for? Then you’re going to be able to make a very clear plan about how to make that happen, and energetically, you’re going to shift because you’re telling the universe, ‘Hey, I’m ready.’ Then your teacher will appear. Your mentors will appear. Your friends will appear. Your amazing fellow influencers will appear because you’ve set the intention and you got clear on the goal” -Emily Williams

“Everyone is looking for a connection. That is universal. Trust that if you’re looking for it, other people are looking for it too. Follow your heart. Follow your instincts. You never know what will happen.”  -Emily Williams

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