Wealth is Your Birthright, and Here’s How To Claim What’s Yours


March 9, 2023

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I’m guessing you’re here because you want to learn how to create more wealth. Well, you’re in the right place!

It’s one of my fundamental beliefs that we were all born with the right and ability to be wealthy. 

I know that can be a polarizing belief, but stick with me…

Yes, some people are born into families who have more money than others — I’m not saying that we’re all entering the earth plane in the same position of privilege and that there is, right now, equality and equity among all — but what I AM saying, is that we have the POTENTIAL for that to be the case.

We are all just, in fact, spiritual beings in physical bodies, able to earn and invest as much as our hearts desire.

The problem is not money. The problem is the way we’ve been societally and culturally conditioned to think about money and behave around money.

And given that it was humanity that made up all the money rules and regulations I know, with every single cell of my being, that with the same physiology, we can come up with a creative, innovative way to transcend all of that.

I am SO passionate about helping people (specifically ambitious women) make more money — no matter their economic background — and in this blog post, I’m going to be sharing some of the ways in which you can defy the ‘odds’ and not just hit your biggest goals, but surpass them.

Whether you are wanting to hit that coveted 6-figure or million-dollar milestone, or you’re actually AT IT already but are worried you won’t be able to sustain what you’ve attained and continue to exponentially grow your revenue year on year — this is for you.

Today I’m going to talk to you about the limiting beliefs that might be holding you back from making your next milestone, whether you ACTUALLY want it, what your money ceiling is, and what action is going to help you claim what’s yours.

So without further ado, let’s go ahead and dive in.

1. First up, let’s talk about the importance of having a possibility mindset…

Woman typing on computer

My favorite thing in the world is to help women bust through their fears and limiting beliefs so they can go to their next level — the one they are meant to be at. I love working with women who have huge dreams and want to create a life and business BETTER than they could ever imagine.

One of the BIGGEST things I attribute my success to (and the success of my clients) is honing and developing a possibility mindset. 

What that means, is I believe that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE and I support the women I work with in generating that belief as well.

Oftentimes we hear success stories, we hear about people doing incredible things, and we think that it’s just not possible for us. Or on the flip side, we know that it’s possible for us, and so we get really frustrated with ourselves and our ‘situation’ when we aren’t achieving what the people around us are. What happens after that, is we start to feel bitter, right? We resent those who are accomplishing the things we want to, and we allow those feelings to run the show and — worse yet — take us down. 

So… today I want to invite you to be someone who understands that anything that’s possible for other people is possible for them, too. I want you to take any feelings of envy you may be experiencing, and reframe them as mere confirmation that you do indeed desire what you thought you did.

I also want you to use the people who are seeing the success you’d like to as inspiration — to let them motivate you. I want you to know that there’s nothing to be jealous of because what they have is available to you as well — as SOON as you do the mindset work to remove all the obstacles of obstruction that are stopping an abundance of cash flowing in. 

I want you to understand that the cases you’re observing are literally EVIDENCE. Nothing more, nothing less. They simply PROVE that it’s possible for you, that your goals are reasonable and achievable… so go ahead and collect that data, and make sure you’re really analyzing it in this positive way.

2. The next thing you need to do, is recognize that special doesn’t equal successful…

I used to say a certain phrase year after year that I no longer agree with. And that phrase is that ‘there’s nothing special about me’. I don’t say that anymore, because it’s absolutely, completely, unequivocally not true. There are a LOT of things that are special about me… but equally, that doesn’t mean that other people (I’m talking to you!) can’t adopt those skills or qualities too.

If you haven’t reached your next level yet, know that it’s there for the taking. But also understand that there’s a chance that you WON’T reach it if you focus on finding out what ‘makes you magic’ alone.


Because in my experience, the difference between a successful person and an unsuccessful person usually isn’t how gifted, talented, or enigmatic they are. They don’t actually usually have a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’. 

They’re just avid learners. And more important than that, they actually APPLY what they’ve learned because they’ve mastered the mindset that supports action-taking. So… rather than trying to figure out what makes you different, what makes you unique, etc., etc., I want you to set yourself apart by making moves unapologetically. If you want bigger and better results, you need to take massive (and smart) action, and not let things like a lack of confidence or trust in yourself hold you back.

3. Another thing you need to do, is OWN your desires 

Woman writing on note page

So let’s say you’re telling yourself and everyone around you that you want increased sales and more money, the kind of numbers that would make you a million or more a year. How do you really feel about that? Take a second and close your eyes, and ask yourself these questions:

If you envision yourself at the millionaire level, who are you really? What’s going to happen? How are you feeling? What is the core belief around that?

So many people say they want something, but they’re judging people who already have it or criticizing themselves for wanting it so they DON’T want it, on some unconscious level. They’re freaking out about it and whether they’ll be able to manage the workload or the tax returns. They’re worrying about what people will think. How their family and friends will respond. If it will change them to make that amount of money. And so the list goes on.

Think about it: if you have all of this chitter-chatter going on underneath, and that’s the foundation you’re trying to build your wealth upon, how likely is it that your level of financial abundance will stand up strong? And how likely is it that it’ll crumble and fall?

The Universe is NOT going to bring you things that make you miserable — I’m sorry but it’s not. And from a physical perspective, this inner voice is not exactly going to give you the driving force you need to get to your desired destination either, is it? Why would you want to accelerate at full speed toward something that’s not going to feel good? We’re literally programmed, as humans, to seek out pleasure and avoid pain, so you wouldn’t, would you?

I’m speaking from experience here. Because I personally had to work on this kind of thing, too. When I was building my business, I was, somewhere deep down, really worried about how being successful would affect my relationship with my husband James. I didn’t have that kind of dynamic modeled for me in childhood where the woman was super business-minded — my mother wasn’t an entrepreneur — and so I didn’t know what to expect of building and running my empire. I figured I would have to work a lot to get my company to the size I wanted it to be, and I had a story that I wouldn’t be able to juggle everything. That I couldn’t have it all. I thought, for the most part unconsciously of course, that my work life would jeopardize my love life. That if I had one thing, I’d have to give another up.

So many of the women I work with experience fears like this too. They worry that they’ll lose family and friends if they achieve their goals… but frankly, the fact that we all seem to think our relationships are meant to last a lifetime has always felt a bit iffy to me. I mean… why MUST we stay friends with someone from the time we were little all the way up to adulthood? If that happens, and it feels good, that’s awesome. But most people grow in different directions. As they develop, they become very different people and come to have less in common over time. 

But isn’t it better to just accept that fact and ALLOW it to happen? To be the most authentic expression of yourself? That way, you’ll connect with people who are a BETTER fit for the new you — through networking events, or perhaps even through group VIP Days (more on these later…). In trying not to change so you can hold onto the people in your life right now, you’re actually doing yourself an incredible disservice and your future clients and friends and lovers an INJUSTICE. You have to let that go.

Would you rather be scared or rich?

4. Remember to practice gratitude (even preemptively)…

So this one might feel really weird, but one of the things I teach (even my highest-level clients) is to express gratitude for what they will be achieving as if they already have achieved it. So if you aren’t right now, I want you to be giving thanks for all the things that haven’t transpired yet, to practice being in complete and utter trust that they will.

Being grateful for things, even when they haven’t happened, physically changes the body. It releases certain chemicals that make you happier, healthier, and much more likely to spot opportunities and take advantage of them. 

Woman throwing confetti

Let me explain.

4.1 Preemptive gratitude enhances dopamine and serotonin – the transmitters responsible for happiness

According to experts like Wood et al. (2008), when we express gratitude, our brain releases both dopamine, and serotonin, which are the two ‘happy hormones’, (a.k.a. neurotransmitters that make us feel good). They enhance our mood immediately and increase our positive nature. 

4.2 Preemptive gratitude fosters cognitive restructuring by evoking positive thinking

If we have a daily gratitude practice, over time these neural pathways become PERMANENT. We restructure ourselves cognitively so we come to focus on what’s good as opposed to what’s bad, what’s in abundance vs what’s in lack. Of course, this positive mental attitude makes us more likely to seek out new ways to learn and grow and keep consistent with the actions we take, too.

According to experts like Wood et al. (2008), when we express gratitude, our brain releases both dopamine, and serotonin, which are the two ‘happy hormones’, (a.k.a. neurotransmitters that make us feel good). They enhance our mood immediately and increase our positive nature. 

4.3 Preemptive gratitude makes us sleep better, making us feel more energized

Some other studies (e.g. Zahn et al. 2009) have shown that expressing our deep gratitude activates the hypothalamus and all bodily mechanisms controlled by it, including sleep. It enables us to get better sleep in both quality and quantity, which is great for female entrepreneurs who want to wake up feeling rested, refreshed, and ready to go about their day.

4.4 Preemptive gratitude reduces fear and anxiety by regulating the stress hormones

McCraty et al. (2004) found in one of their studies on appreciation that participants who felt grateful had nowhere near as much cortisol (the stress hormone) as those who did not They also had better cardiac functioning and were more resilient when they came to face setbacks. 

By acknowledging and appreciating things in our lives (even the things we haven’t yet experienced because our brain doesn’t know the difference) we can rewire the brain to be less anxious and even fearful — reducing our levels of cortisol contributes to less activation of the automatic nervous system functions that can stand in the way of our success.

Click here to listen to my podcast episode on how to use gratitude to transform your life.

5. Increase your current capacity for wealth

Say you went into the store and asked the assistant to go and select $2,000 worth of clothes for you. That would be your capacity. That would be what you were prepared to spend on items that day.

I want you to look at your capacity for wealth right now. Think about the most amount of money you’ve managed to accrue in a yearly or monthly period. Think about your biggest cash money received ever. Or sales made in a month. What is that? 

Then I want you to ask yourself about that next level. I want you to really sit and ask yourself what would happen if you hit it. If you hit $100k/month instead of $50k/month, for example. Who would you be? What would you think? How would you feel? Imagine your reality and what it looks like.

These are really, really important questions.

So think about those numbers and think about the number you want to reach. Do you have any limiting beliefs? Do you have any fears? Do you have any doubts? Do you have any insecurities?

Also, start to think about whether your current business is even capable of making that amount of money. Do you have the support in place? The product? The career? The service? Do you have the list size? The social media following?

Of course, miracles are possible, but I want you to get really clear on whether you have sufficient space in your business and life at the moment. For instance, if you tell me you want more sales but I can see that your calendar is super full right now and that you don’t have the room for any more clients, I know, straight-up that you’re going to self-sabotage. You’re going to do whatever it takes to resist the fulfillment of that desire. Your brain is going to set you up for failure. Because if the subconscious knows that you don’t have the ability to handle what HAPPENS as a result of more sales, it’s going to govern your behavior and make sure you don’t take the steps necessary to meet that goal.

Does that mean you should change your goal, or reduce the size of it? Goodness, no! (More on that in a sec.) But it does mean that if the goal you have in mind isn’t actually attainable right now, you’re aware of your current capacity and what you need to do to increase it so you can have and hold more soon.

6. Double your money goals


Now for the fun part. To reach your next level, I really want you to DOUBLE any goals you’re setting yourself because, according to high-performance experts, many of us actually have 60% more available to give or achieve than we think we do. So let me ask you this:

How often are you stopping?

How often are you doing things half-heartedly?

How often are you slacking because you don’t really believe in your ability to bring about your success, or that you’re worthy of having all you want to?

I remember when my first coach told me that I could make what I was making in a year in a month. That’s like a 12x increase, not a 2x increase, and so whilst I found it almost impossible to believe, I really WANTED to believe it was true and so I decided to. I set myself that goal (in fact, I set myself a big stretch target of hitting the 6 figure mark before my 30th birthday) and then figured out what I needed to do to increase my capacity to receive it.

What happened, with consistent mindset work, is that I actually hit my goal of making 6 figures 10 months BEFORE my 30th birthday, and went on to make my first million around 8 months after that. I’m sharing this not to boast or brag, but to shake you mentally and emotionally. To get you to understand what’s available to you. Don’t let your mind tell you that you can’t continue or that you won’t make it because there is always a way to. I’m confident in asserting that because I know it’s true.

Need another example? Just think about all the times you’ve worked out and thought you couldn’t do a single set or rep more. Think about the times your personal trainer or gym instructor has pushed you and you’ve realized that actually, with a bit of mind over matter, you can actually produce another 4 squats or 8 curls.

Or to give an example from business, when you’re in a launch, as someone who hasn’t nailed their high-performance habits, oftentimes your body will tell you to stop. ‘No, you can’t run another mile’. ‘No, you can’t possibly keep up the pace of this sprint’. ‘You must stop before the scarcity and urgency kicks in because there’s nothing left in you’, is what your mind will say to you. BUT THERE’S NO UNIVERSE IN WHICH THAT IS TRUE.

You’ll start to spin out and question whether you’re good enough, whether you’re capable, whether you really have what it takes, the ‘star quality’ that other successful people seem to have. But, remember my previous point — what’s going to set you apart from other, less successful people isn’t necessarily how SPECIAL you are but how resilient you are. How endurant you are. How willing you are to take action. 

People don’t get extraordinary results because they are extraordinarily special typically. But because they’ve high performers who’ve adopted habits that enable them to do the work necessary to make things happen — consistently. It’s also because they come up with ways to generate and preserve their energy so they don’t burn out. And it’s also because they come up with ways to work smarter instead of harder. Right?

What that takes, is a COMMITMENT to yourself. A DEDICATION to your goals. This brings me to my next point…

7. You HAVE to commit

You would not believe how many clients James and I work with who, at first, don’t want to show up to calls, who don’t want to do what we tell them to, who don’t prioritize looking after themselves, who don’t sleep much at night, who don’t exercise, and who don’t pay attention to what they eat.

Now, I’m not saying I’m perfect by any stretch of the imagination because I’m not. I’ve found some habits easier to adopt than others. But I AM incredibly disciplined because I know (and I have shown) that to be a 7+ figure entrepreneur you HAVE to be. There are no two ways about that. I make commitments to myself. I make commitments to my business. I make commitments to my clients. I make commitments to the excellence I want to showcase to the world. To showing up for you. To writing blog posts. To sending emails. To redoing my website when I want it done yesterday and we don’t have the tech support in-house. I step IN, and I step UP. That’s a non-negotiable.


How often are you doing that vs how often are you not following through? 

How regularly are you channeling your highest and best self? 

How often are you allowing what’s going on for you psychologically and physiologically to get in the way?

James always says that we are our first client and we are our most important client. Are you treating yourself that way right now or are you hopelessly devoted to other people, failing to see that if you AREN’T putting your health, wellbeing etc. first you’re actually being incredibly SELFISH because you won’t be showing up for them in the most powerful potent way? How often are you taking action on the wrong things, and wasting valuable time and energy on activities that don’t generate revenue or move the needle?

I don’t care what you’re doing, to be honest, that doesn’t really matter, but I want you to recognize (so you can reach your financial goals) that YOU’RE the one keeping yourself in this place. 

When I was looking to generate a lot of money at the beginning of my business and move forward with my big dreams — every single day I was journaling. I was in the shower listening to money mantras. I was saturating my mind with these new beliefs. 

Even now, James and I are always reading. We work with coaches, we go to conferences, we have mastermind partners. And our clients SEE our process and come to work with us because they know that they’re DABBLING and that that’s got to change!

Is this resonating?

The most successful people know what it is they actually want, they uncover what it is that might be holding them back or keeping them stuck, and they do the work to release that and transform it? They consistently show up and move past that growth edge, the thing that says ‘you need to stop’ or ‘you can’t do any more’. And they commit to their vision and making it their reality.

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