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What I Learned About Success from Jessica Simpson’s New Book

Okay, I’ll be honest, I never expected to love Jessica Simpson’s book this much. Yes, I’m a HUGE admirer of her work and I fell in love with her back in the day when she opened for a 98 Degrees concert. I was an avid watcher of Newlyweds. I was sad (well, maybe more on […]

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What Happens When You’re Too Focused on Achievement with Valerie Del Grosso

Attorney and Entrepreneur Valerie Del Grosso shares how she has created a life and business that is more fulfilling since shifting her focus from achievement to alignment. “I had to get over my own BS and start calling myself out and taking totally different action, in large part, by relying on business coaches and other […]

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Why It’s The Best and Easiest Time to Make Money

We are here to uncover what’s stopping you from reaching the next level of wealth that you desire. Most of the time, our mind only takes us so far. This episode is about you expanding your horizons and understanding that the sky is the limit when it comes to you and your wealth. “Your desires […]

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Why Operations Matters: What Most Business Owners Are Missing with Natalie Gingrich

Natalie Gingrich, Founder of The Ops Authority, explains why operations are crucial to a business owner. She walks us through her own journey to creating this incredible business, how she followed her heart every step of the way and got brave when it came to living the life of her dreams. “I’m all about action. […]

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My Most Recent (Surprising) Money Aha

You might be surprised to know that I still have my own money “ahas,” even after six years of studying money mindset, being a money mindset expert, and truly living a life based on my desires every single day. “What would happen if you operated with the belief that everything you desire is available for […]

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From Teacher’s Salary to Multi-Million Dollar Business in 3 Years

Courtney McClasky, a previous client, is here sharing her journey from a teacher’s salary to creating an incredible real estate company that is on track to do $100 million in sales in 2020. “At the end of the day, if you don’t have the mindset pieces in place, you’re not going to get there because […]

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Why Money Mindset is Everything When it Comes to Success

We’re talking about your money mindset and how it might be holding you back. You’re going to learn how your own personal money story is impacting the way that you think about money, talk about money, and the way money makes you feel. “Everything starts with your mindset and believing that you are meant for […]

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Heart-Centered Sales 101

In today’s episode, Jim Padilla teaches us what works in sales and how to improve your process. He also shares something that has actually changed the game for me and us as a company, so I know that this conversation is going to blow you away. “You have to just know that you have more […]

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From the Stage to the Screen: Special Masterclass Recapping Our Top Event Teachings

Are you ready for more magic, momentum and money in 2020 in life and business? Did you miss our I Heart My Life LIVE event but want all of the trainings and inspiration from being there in person? We’ve got you covered! We’re taking everything from the stage, to your screen — all the top […]

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