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Get ready to dive into the next three chapters of Catherine Ponder’s incredibly powerful book,
The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity. This is part three of my on-going series in which I share the knowledge and insights from the pages of Ponder’s book that can literally change your life and have you stepping into your greatest, most prosperous desires. 

“Failure is nothing but success trying to be born in a bigger way. Most seeming failures are just installments towards victory.” -Catherine Ponder

This episode serves as a reminder that whatever you send out is what you are going to get back in this world. We’re all guilty of a little jealousy here and there right? Follow along as I dive into what that jealousy really means (and how it can actually reveal what is possible for you). In fact, the chapters I analyze in this episode are all about how your thoughts and attitudes surrounding wealth and prosperity of you and others can make or break your ability to attain it. That’s why I repeat so many powerful quotes and mantras that Ponder wrote that can help get money flowing into your life. 

I love reiterating Ponder’s theory of how prosperity is not a race. Listen as I explain why haste toward your prosperous goals actually promotes fear and can actually plant the seeds for failure. Ponder believes that failure is simply an “installment toward victory” and I couldn’t agree more. So, instead of rushing to your goals, it’s important to find peace and gratitude in your current situation so you can then move forward (and toward prosperity). 

I believe there is so much power in taking action. So, I reveal why you need to start adopting a prosperous attitude in your life pronto. The truth is, anything else leads to self-sabotaging your goals and big dreams by getting in the way of taking action toward them. People love to say your vibe attracts your tribe. Well, it turns out it attracts (or repels) money and prosperity too. 

Now, one of the many things I am so aligned with Ponder on is how everything you do and say daily creates energetic patterns that can propel you toward (or block you from) that prosperity you desire. Money and wealth are there for the taking if and only if you are willing to do what it takes in terms of mindset, words, and actions to attract it. Truth be told, “being poor” isn’t a reality, but a frame of mind (that you can get out of with the steps I outline in this very episode). 

For anyone out there who is feeling in a bit of a rut when it comes to their work and money mindset, I walk you through a three-point check to help you understand how you might actually be blocking prosperity from coming into your life. Additionally, listen for the tips and techniques that Ponder believes can have you trusting and stepping into what great prosperity is possible for you. 

There’s so much power packed into these three chapters, I could have talked about them for hours. Trust me when I say you are definitely going to want to grab a pen and paper for this one. Honestly, my mind is still buzzing from all the thought-provoking takeaways. Remember, this episode is part of something much bigger. Be sure to tune into the next Dynamic Laws of Prosperity episode (and go back and listen to the first two if you haven’t already) to get the full value of this series.

P.S. Want more support transforming your money mindset? Check out my signature I Heart Money course, the course designed to help you create as much wealth as you desire. This course will have you on your way to impacting the world and stepping into your purpose with access to 8 powerful modules, video trainings, and over 20 hours of real-life coaching call recordings. Head over to our courses page on our website to access this incredible course and all of its exclusive content and resources. Use the code “PODCAST” to save.

In this episode… 

[03:21] Chapter 7: The Prosperity Law of Increase (and having faith in others’ prosperity). 

[07:00] The power of taking action. 

[09:19] The power of giving others the thought of increase (and how it can help you). 

[12:32] Overcoming discouragement and disappointment. 

[14:41] Prosperity is not a race (Hear how rushing can lead to fear and failure).

[16:51] Chapter 8: Prosperous attitude (and why you need to adopt this in your life). 

[21:42] Making money your servant (and what your jealousy really means)

[25:29] The power of your words. 

[27:52] Money is there for the taking (of you choose). 

[30:17] Chapter 9: Exploring how work is a mighty channel for prosperity. 

[34:11] Moving through creative ruts or dissatisfaction with your work. 

[36:22] How to step into your divine calling and bring forth your desires. 

[39:19] The saturation technique and the 5-step success formula (and how these show yourself what is possible). 


“When you’re looking to improve people’s lives, they’re going to unconsciously want to be around you if you are all about increase; increasing their health, increasing their wealth, increasing their happiness. And if you live a life in that way as well, they might not know what’s drawing them to you, but it has to do with the law of increase.” -Emily Williams 

“Hitch your mental image of prosperity to the rich star of success and keep it there.” -Catherine Ponder

“Thinking in the same way that everyone else thinks is easy and it’s also useless. It also could be called lazy because we are trained to think in a certain way, but if you’re looking to transform your life in your bank account, that’s where you have to make an effort to really think in a different way. -Emily Williams

“Failure is nothing but success trying to be born in a bigger way. Most seeming failures are just installments towards victory.” -Catherine Ponder

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The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity by Catherine Ponder

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