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How to Land Publicity at Any Stage in Business with Lynya Floyd

Lynya Floyd is a trained media coach that works with entrepreneurs who need an extra nudge to bring their life messages to the foreground. We are talking about how publicity will set you apart from the competition, why you need media coaching, and how it’s possible to get publicity at any stage of your business. […]

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3 Ways to Stop Living in Fear

People are asking me how to handle things happening in their life and business that are causing them to lose faith or go into fear, especially around money. I’m sharing three steps you can take to stop living in fear in this episode. “We have to truly trust ourselves and trust that regardless of what […]

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The Secret to Shifting from Hard to Fun While Building Your Dream Business with Tobi Fairley

Interior Design entrepreneur Tobi Fairley gives us a refreshing look at how to bring the fun back into our work, starting today. “The thing that separates those who are super successful from everybody else is the ability to go ahead and do what you’re supposed to be doing… even when you don’t want to.” -Tobi […]

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How You Handle Challenges, Listener Q&A

In this listener Q&A, I’m sharing some of my most recent challenges, how I was able to move through them, and how I’ve learned to appreciate challenges while they are happening. I’m going to teach you how to shift your perspective on challenge ASAP. “Challenges are actually setting you up for the next level, and […]

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The Power of Facebook Ads and Following Your Heart with Tara Zirker

Have you ever heard a whisper or felt a calling? Tara Zirker, Founder of Successful Ads Club, walks us through her incredible journey of giving herself permission to follow that calling and create the life of her dreams. “I kind of feel like you kind of just have to almost lose it all, and then […]

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What I Learned About Success from Jessica Simpson’s New Book

Okay, I’ll be honest, I never expected to love Jessica Simpson’s book this much. Yes, I’m a HUGE admirer of her work and I fell in love with her back in the day when she opened for a 98 Degrees concert. I was an avid watcher of Newlyweds. I was sad (well, maybe more on […]

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What Happens When You’re Too Focused on Achievement with Valerie Del Grosso

Attorney and Entrepreneur Valerie Del Grosso shares how she has created a life and business that is more fulfilling since shifting her focus from achievement to alignment. “I had to get over my own BS and start calling myself out and taking totally different action, in large part, by relying on business coaches and other […]

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Why It’s The Best and Easiest Time to Make Money

We are here to uncover what’s stopping you from reaching the next level of wealth that you desire. Most of the time, our mind only takes us so far. This episode is about you expanding your horizons and understanding that the sky is the limit when it comes to you and your wealth. “Your desires […]

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Why Operations Matters: What Most Business Owners Are Missing with Natalie Gingrich

Natalie Gingrich, Founder of The Ops Authority, explains why operations are crucial to a business owner. She walks us through her own journey to creating this incredible business, how she followed her heart every step of the way and got brave when it came to living the life of her dreams. “I’m all about action. […]

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